External Books

Julie Gedro- Lipstick or Golf Clubs: What Lesbian Leaders Understand About Success and What You Can Learn From Them (2014)

Kenji Yoshino- Covering: The Hidden Assault on Our Civil Rights (2006)

Nicole Raeburn- Changing Corporate America from Inside Out: Lesbian and Gay Workplace RIghts (2004)



Talking About Religious Exemptions Laws (MAP)

‘Religious Liberty’ and the Anti-LGBT Right (SPLC)

Interactive state-by-state map of LGBT rights (MAP)

Open For Business: The Economic and Business Case for Global LGBT Inclusion (The Economist)

Beyond Same Sex Marriage Attitudes on LGBT Nondiscrimination Laws and Religious Exemptions (Public Religion Research Institute)

The Economic and Business Case for Global LGB&T Inclusion (Open for Business)

2015 National LGBT Movement Report (MAP)

Best Practices: A Guide to Restroom Access for Transgender Workers (OSHA)

State-Sponsored Homophobia. A World Survey of Laws: Criminalization, Protection, and Recognition of Same-sex Love (ILGA)

9th Annual LGBT Community Survey Report (Community Marketing & Insights)

The Freedom to Serve and the Freedom to Work: LGBT Service Members and Veterans Deserve Employment Protections. (Center for American Progress)

The Cost of Inconsistency: Quantifying the economic burden to American business from the patchwork quilt of marriage laws (Marsh & McLennan)

2014 Data Portrait of LGBT People in Midwest, Mountain and Southern States (Williams Institute)

North America LGBT Global Mobility Survey (Mercer)

The Business Impact of LGBT-supportive Workplace Policies. (Williams Institute)

A Rainbow Retrospective: Reflecting on Best Practices and Successes From the Field (Heartland Alliance International)

A Broken Bargain for LGBT Workers of Color (MAP)

Gay and Transgender Discrimination in the Public Sector (Center for American Progress)

Movement Analysis: The Full Impact of the EEOC Ruling on the LGBT Movement’s Agenda (NGLTF)

The Costly Business of Discrimination: The Economic Costs of Discrimination and the Financial Benefits of Gay and Transgender Equality in the Workplace (Center for American Progress)

LGBT Self-Identification in the Workplace (Buck Surveys)

Anchoring Equality: How U.S. Corporations Can Build Equal and Inclusive Global Workforces (Council for Global Equality, Immigration Equality, Out &Equal Workplace Advocates, & HRC)

Where are our LGBT employees? (LGBT Self-ID Community of Practice)

Williams Institute– Bias in the Workplace: Consistent Evidence of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Discrimination

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