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About that B: Bi+ Inclusion at Work

While people who are bisexual make up more than 58% of the LGBTQ+ population, their rates of being out at work and home, reports of discrimination, and sense of exclusion in LGBTQ+ spaces all point to significant challenges in the effort to achieve acceptance and understanding. In About that B: Bi+ Inclusion at Work a new resource from Out & Equal and co-author bi+ advocate Robyn Ochs, the complicated road to bi+ inclusion is illuminated and mapped, with sections focusing on: 

  • understanding the diversity of identities and experiences inside of bi+ spaces; 
  • examining the specific challenges faced by bi+ individuals – and looking at why these challenges happen; and 
  • providing effective, accessible, and clear guidance for organizations, ERGs, and individuals to be active allies to the bi+ community. 

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