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Global Initiatives

For 2021, Out & Equal has transformed our annual Global Forums in Brazil, India, and China into a series of quarterly virtual engagements and publications. Each quarter, we will produce resources and meaningful engagements that cover a specific theme. With the creation of exclusive quarterly events, we are able to offer more sustainable and continuous year-round connection points on the issues that matter, as well as provide more unique opportunities for collaboration with our partners.

For the first quarter of 2021, the theme is trans and nonbinary inclusion. We are launching a multi-part global initiative to bring about meaningful change for trans and nonbinary employees, clients and customers, and in the process promote broader inclusion and culture shifts. Across the global business community, awareness about trans and nonbinary communities is growing, but for many employers the path to inclusion is less clear, including those most wanting change. Developed with our global business partners, these resources cut through the confusion, to offer practical, region-specific guidance for supporting workers and balancing broader business needs.

Please click on the links to learn more about our work this year and unique partner opportunities in Brazil, India and China.

Brazil Program

Brazil is Latin America’s largest economy and a key player on the global stage when it comes to workplace diversity and inclusion. Out & Equal has been working with partners in Brazil to increase LGBTQ workplace inclusion since 2016

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China Program

China is the world’s second largest economy and has the world’s largest population, with great influence both globally and within the APAC region.

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India Program

With the world’s second largest population, a fast-growing economy, a booming global tech sector and a mobile, international workforce, many Indian workplace environments are dynamic, diverse and primed for greater inclusion initiatives.

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