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Around the world, we have seen instances of the business community leading the momentum for LGBTQI+ inclusion, well ahead of legal and societal changes. However, the business community continues to need support in how they effectively navigate broad challenges to LGBTQI+ equality.

Out & Equal is proud to release this self-evaluation guide on LGBTQI+ workplace inclusion in an attempt to move beyond checklists and evolve to flexible tools of individual empowerment and organizational change, supporting employers to identify gaps between policy and culture.

Key Points:

  • Navigating the path of LGBTQI+ inclusion requires a multidimensional view to understand the totality of the route, avoid possible obstacles, and even find a few shortcuts. 
  • This toolkit is not intended to establish a publicly shared inclusion score. Instead, it is designed to be a learning, self-evaluation, and improvement tool. 
  • We encourage all businesses, large and small, to submit their participation in this self-assessment to toolkitforchange@outandequal.org.

The toolkit is divided into three components:

  1. Equality as a Matter of Policy: The “What” and the essentials of non-discrimination policies and benefits to ensure equality among LGBTQI+ and non-LGBTQI+ workers.
  2. Building and Sustaining an Inclusive Culture: The internal and external practices that the business needs to build and sustain cultures of inclusion and belonging.
  3. Everyday Experiences of Inclusion Efforts: A mini-survey to share with your employees to identify possible gaps between policies, programs, and inclusive culture practices versus the day-to-day realities for employees.

Download the toolkit


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