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Cracking the Gen Z Code: Attracting and Retaining Gen Z’s LGBTQ+ Talent 

This resource made possible by support from

Out & Equal released the resource: Cracking the Gen Z Code: Attracting and Retaining Gen Z’s LGBTQ+ Talent in partnership with Bank of America. Designed to debunk and demystify misunderstandings and stereotypes about the LGBTQ+ community, the all-new talent acquisition resource leverages relevant statistics to create a clear roadmap for maximizing talent acquisition efforts.  

The user-friendly guide includes: 

  • the demographic makeup of Gen Z with emphasis on the LGBTQ+ talent pool  
  • a business case framework for implementing LGBTQ+-specific talent acquisition practices into organizations  
  • best practices that ensure organizations have the most effective internal policies in place to attract and retain Gen Z talent  
  • a step-by-step guide to ensure talent acquisition efforts are both LGBTQ+-inclusive and Gen Z-attractive 

While this resource is designed to attract and retain Gen Z talent, prescribed policies  benefit all employees by demonstrating a deep understanding and commitment to DEIB work. 

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