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Your Story. Your Truth. Your Power

It’s time to revisit and revise the old narrative of “coming out of the closet.” It’s not just one act or a moment in time. At work, we constantly reveal who we are – from clarifying pronouns, to referencing our spouses, to more strategically personalizing LGBTQ equality to advocate for a policy change. Each of these acts is about telling your truth, sharing your story, and in doing so you have the power to change lives and transform organizational culture.

Out & Equal has created this guide as a tool for LGBTQ people and allies looking to strengthen their understanding of how to share their stories in the workplace and land in a place of empowerment and growth as individuals and within the organization.



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Out & Equal is the global convener, thought leader and catalyst actively working to achieve workplaces of equality and belonging - supporting LGBTQ+ employees and leaders who thrive in their careers and lives and achieve greater impact on the world.