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Brazil Program

Brazil is Latin America’s largest economy and a key player on the global stage when it comes to workplace diversity and inclusion. Out & Equal has been working with partner companies and organizations in Brazil to increase LGBTQ workplace inclusion since 2016. Since then, we have organized impactful 400+ person Forums, Roundtables and Strategy Sessions that bring together Brazilian and multinational companies across all industries. Participants at these events take part in leading-edge discussions and workshops and peer-to-peer education on innovative best practices on creating workplaces where everyone belongs.

We also work year-round to host interactive virtual meetings on a wide variety of topics related to Brazil and Latin America, bringing in private sector voices across sectors as well as local advocates. Out & Equal also creates digital resources such as toolkits, inclusion guides, and issue briefings in order to make inclusion efforts more accessible for everyone. 

In the context of rising anti-LGBTQ political rhetoric, Out & Equal and Brazilian and multinational companies came out with a statement signed by 35 corporations who together employ more than 110,000 people in Brazil to affirm their solidarity with the LGBTQ community ahead of the nation’s presidential election. Their message, addressed directly to presidential candidates, sent a clear signal that businesses in Brazil would not bend to the rising tide of virulent attacks on the community.

For 2021, Out & Equal has transformed our annual Forum in Brazil into a series of quarterly virtual engagements and publications. Each quarter, we will produce resources and meaningful engagements that cover a specific theme. With the creation of exclusive quarterly events, we are able to offer more sustainable and continuous year-round connection points on the issues that matter, as well as provide more unique opportunities for collaboration with our partners.

2021 LGBTQI+ brazil forum: future of work

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