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Speaker Hub

Learning is at the heart of Summit, and we thank all our presenters for making such a rich contribution to the learning program. There are lots of updates rolling out as the event approaches, so we strongly recommend that you bookmark this page for future reference to access all the resources you will need.


The Out & Equal Workplace Summit promises attendees the opportunity to learn from the stories they hear and the ones that they share to create a stronger, more unified “we” for themselves, their teams, and the world. To ensure programming upholds our values of inclusivity and accessibility, we offer the following resources to presenters.

Within the next few weeks we will provide a social media speaker toolkit for guidance on how to showcase your Summit participation.

We also will be requiring speakers to send us a final draft of the presentation to assist with accessibility and technical compatibility of your presentation. We understand that legal approval may take time within your organization and will work with you on submitting all workshop materials if your proposal is approved.  

Helpful Resources

PPT Template:

The Summit PPT template has a title slide that is mandatory, templated slide formats that are optional, and Out & Equal logo and event assets that you can use as needed. We will also provide a speaker toolkit for guidance on how to showcase on social media your participation at Summit in the coming weeks.

Download PPT Template

Language Guide:

Best Practices Language Guide 2023 provides presenters current best practices for language and identity. By aligning on up-to-date language practices, we can create a supportive environment. 

Download the Guide

Accessibility Guide:

From font size to slide design and Alt Text, it’s easier than ever to ensure that your session is accessible for as broad a range of attendees as possible. Listed below are some key resources to ensure your decks, PDFs, and printed materials are accessible. Disability:IN is a trusted partner of Out & Equal and the leading nonprofit resource for business disability inclusion worldwide.

Disability In

Microsoft PPT

Apple Keynote


Event Theme: “We Are”

We Are reclaims and reissues the historical rallying cry of “we’re here, we’re queer…” and seek to now answer those who don’t want us to say who we are or be who we are.

The 2023 Workplace Summit theme, We Are, showcases:

  • the intersectionality and multidimensionality of the LGBTQ+ community,
  • our roles across levels and industries,
  • …all while recognizing and acknowledging the strong feelings, dynamics, and complexities of our emotions as change agents.

We Are underscores the monumental work of this community of incredible and unique individuals, committed to realizing measurable and lasting equity… a community that cannot be stopped.

Our Workplace Summit event promises attendees the opportunity to learn from the stories they hear and the ones that they share (i.e., “I am….”) to create a stronger, more unified “we” for themselves, their teams, their workplace, and the world.

Learn more about the theme

Session Rooms

Equipment In Workshop Room:

We’ll send the room tech list when you are notified of your workshop acceptance but generally speaking you can expect a projector, a screen and hardwired mics. You’ll need to bring your own laptops, and can work with our onsite supplier in advance to rent additional equipment, if necessary.

Each workshop room will have: 

  • One Screen for general sessions, two screens for Featured sessions 
  • A stand for your laptop and an HDMI run. Speakers need to bring their own laptop and connector/dongle.   
  • Hardwired microphones to the podium and speaker table. 1-2 wireless handheld mics for Q&A.

Room Access/Speaker Green Room:

Speakers will have access to their assigned room 20 minutes before session start time. That way you can check their tech setup and have a last-minute huddle. Speaker ready rooms are available in each venue.

Speaker Questions?

Visit our FAQ Page or email learning@outandequal.org