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Tuesday, March 15
15:30 (Bangalore) / 18:00 (Shanghai) / 19:00 (Tokyo) / 6:00am EST

Join Out & Equal for the first 2022 installment of the Global Forum Series: Bridging the Gap in APAC: Inclusive Policies and Workplace Culture on Tuesday, March 15. This virtual forum focused on the Asia-Pacific region will bring together hundreds of LGBTQI+ and ally professionals to explore concrete ways to identify and resolve potential gaps between inclusive policies and workplace cultures of belonging.  

With an exclusive deep dive into Out & Equal’s self-evaluation toolkit for companies around the world, “Global Toolkit for Change: Assessing LGBTQI+ Inclusion in Your Workplace”, this interactive forum will walk participants through the self-evaluation guide, as well as provide ample opportunity for sharing, learning, and Q&A. Participants will walk away better able to understand the nuanced and interconnected levels of inclusion in a company’s policies, practices, and day-to-day culture, and be ready to take the next steps towards closing any gaps. 

This Forum will be held in English with English closed captioning available. Simultaneous translation will be available in Mandarin. 

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Time (Bangalore, Singapore, Tokyo, EST)ScheduleSpeakers
5 minutesOpening RemarksOut & Equal
5 minutesPartner RemarksTara Latini, Country Head for US Wealth and Personal Banking, HSBC
1 hourInteractive Session: Assessing LGBTQI+ Inclusion in Your Workplace Policies and CultureOut & Equal
20 minutesQ&AOut & Equal



加入 “出柜与平等”(Out & Equal),参加全球论坛系列第2022期活动:缩小亚太地区差距:3月15日星期二,包容性政策和工作场所文化。该虚拟论坛以亚太地区为核心,汇集了数百名同仁与同盟专家,共同探讨具体方法,以确定和解决包容性政策和工作场所归属文化之间的潜在差距。 

深入了解“出柜与平等”(Out & Equal)即将向全球所有公司推出的自我评估工具包“变革工具包评估您工作场所的同志包容性”,这个互动论坛将引导参与者完成自我评估指南,并提供充分的机会进行分享、学习和问答。参加者可以更好地了解公司政策、实践和日常文化中的包容性的细微差别和相互联系,并准备好采取下一步措施,以消除所有差距。 


时间 (班加罗尔、新加坡、东京、美国东部时间) 日程 发言人 
5分钟 开幕致辞 出柜与平等(Out & Equal) 
5分钟 合作伙伴致辞 待定 
1小时 互动环节:评估您的工作场所政策和文化中的 LGBTQI+ 包容性 出柜与平等(Out & Equal) 
20分钟 问答环节 出柜与平等(Out & Equal) 


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