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2022 Transgender Awareness Month

No pride for some of us without liberation for all of us.”
Marsha P. Johnson

November is Transgender Awareness Month! It is a key time for each of us to develop a more robust and shared understanding of the transgender community and the experiences transgender individuals are having in our workplaces and communities broadly. It’s a time to uplift the voices, stories, and experiences of the transgender and nonbinary community through education and action. Transgender Awareness Month also reminds us to recognize the many important contributions of transgender and nonbinary people—in the workplace and the world. 

Out & Equal is in the Business of BelongingTM and firmly believes that it is incumbent on employers and individual workplace leaders and contributors to recognize the value and dignity of all talent, including its transgender and nonbinary employees and other historically overlooked and/or marginalized employee groups. Join us as we work to eliminate workplace discrimination and violence against the transgender and nonbinary community, celebrate the successes and victories in the fight for workplace equality, and recommit to transgender and nonbinary inclusion year-round.

The team at Out & Equal has curated a list (see below) of our best resources and stories to support greater visibility and awareness of the transgender and nonbinary community. We’ve also collected some quotes from members of the Out & Equal community about why being visible in the workplace is important.

Out & Equal Resources


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