The following is a letter from Aimee Stephens. After notifying her employer of her intention to transition, Aimee was fired from her job as a funeral director.

Any day now, the U.S. Supreme Court will decide whether her boss broke the law when he fired her. Aimee’s case is being heard together with two other cases. When it rules, the Court is expected to determine whether discrimination against LGBTQ employees is a form of sex discrimination that violates Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, our bedrock civil rights law.

As the justices deliberate and as America’s employers look at ways to support our community, Out & Equal is releasing Aimee’s letter. We are doing this in partnership with the ACLU, longtime advocates for LGBTQ equality who argued Aimee Stephens’ case at the Supreme Court.

Press Release: As Supreme Court Decides Her Wrongful Termination Case, Transgender Woman Appeals to America’s Employers