On May 28, 2020, Out & Equal hosted a virtual learning session – The Top 6 Leadership Competencies Every LGBTQ+ Leader Should Know and Grow – with Dr. Steve Yacovelli.

Dr. Steve (a.k.a. “The Gay Leadership Dude”) shared what he’s discovered to be the Top 6 Leadership competencies (or skills) everyone wanting to be a rock star leader should focus on. From leveraging your authenticity to having leadership courage, being empathetic to mastering communication, and building relationships to shaping workplace culture, attendees left the session with an understanding of what these tools look like in the workplace, and steps to begin to take to strengthen them for their own leadership success.

This session was a part of the 2020 Executive Forum but was open to the public. 

Out & Equal would like to thank Dr. Steve Yacovelli for sharing his leadership lessons with our community. Learn more about Dr. Steve’s work at https://topdoglearning.biz/ and check out his book Pride Leadership: Strategies For The LGBTQ+ Leader To Be The King or Queen of their Jungle.

The recording is available below. In lieu of a slide deck, Dr. Yacovelli has shared an annotated version of the workbook containing his notes. He has also shared a blank workbook for your own notes.

Blank Version (pre-webinar):

Download the Blank workbook

Annotated Version (post-webinar):

download the annotated workbook