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Purpose and Vision

The Brazilian general elections are set to take place on October 2, 2022. This Open Letter represents a coalition of companies that value diversity, respect and inclusion of LGBTQI+ people (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and other marginalized sexual orientations and gender identities) in Brazilian workplaces. The letter calls on candidates for the 2022 presidential election in Brazil to recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion for all people in the workplace, including LGBTQI+ people.

Companies around the world, especially in Brazil, are taking more initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion in their work environments. At a rate that has grown rapidly compared to recent years, many leading companies have publicly demonstrated their support for the full inclusion of LGBTQI+ people. According to the World Economic Forum, there is a strong positive correlation between LGBTQI+ inclusion and economic resilience. We envision a general election in which LGBTQI+ people are treated as equal citizens, having their identities and rights respected and valued in candidate platforms and policy proposals, just as they are respected and valued in Brazilian work environments.

How to Sign: 2022 Open Letter

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Our Approach

The letter is not addressed to any specific presidential candidate or political party. The objective is to encourage anyone running for office to recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion of all people in the workplace, including LGBTQI+ people, in line with the companies’ values.

The letter affirms the value and commitment of companies to create work environments where people feel welcome, belong and thrive — which is good not only for business, but also for society. In light of the 2022 elections, which the entire world will be following closely — including companies that assess whether or not to invest and do business in Brazil, these values must be equally respected.

The letter will be released with signatures during the weeks prior to the general election in September.

History: The 2018 Statement of Support

The first Statement of Support was signed in 2018 by corporations and non-governmental organizations that together employed more than 110,000 people in Brazil, reaffirming the belief and commitment of these entities to diversity and inclusion of all people in the workplace, including LGBTQI+ people.

This Open Letter is being co-organized in partnership with: 

Fórum de Empresas e Direitos LGBTI+

Instituto Mais Diversidade


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