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Moments that Matter

There are moments in time that show the impact of Out & Equal and the community of individuals and organizations that are our partners in the Business of Belonging.

Here are a few of those Moments that Matter!

The State of Pride with Erin Uritus

The State of Pride with Erin Uritus

The below State of Pride address is from Out & Equal’s Pride Kickoff Town Hall on June 1, 2020. Thank you all for being here. Before we talk about Pride, I want to talk about the moment we are in here in the US. Let me first say unequivocally, “Black Lives Matter!” Black lives matter to […]

Transgender Americans Belong: An Open Letter to America’s Employers

The following is a letter from Aimee Stephens. After notifying her employer of her intention to transition, Aimee was fired from her job as a funeral director. Any day now, the U.S. Supreme Court will decide whether her boss broke the law when he fired her. Aimee’s case is being heard together with two other […]

Honoring Brazil’s National Day of Trans Visibility

Origin of Brazil’s Trans Day of Visibility By Pri Bertucci, CEO of [SSEX BBOX] & [DIVERSITY BBOX] On January 29, 2004, a group of transgender people went to Brasília, Brazil’s capital, to launch the “Travesti e Respeito” (Trans People and Respect) campaign to promote rights and respect for all people and to highlight the stark […]

The Summit Is A Feeling

Do you know why people love the Summit? It’s because of the feeling you get when you walk into a workshop about non-binary inclusion and are seen… It’s when you speak up at a People of Color panel and are validated… It is when you hear the stories coming from young, out, transgender heroes and […]

Speaking Out at SCOTUS for Civil Rights Protections

The U.S. Supreme Court is currently weighing a ruling on a trio of cases that will decide whether LGBTQ people are protected from discrimination under existing federal civil rights laws – laws that include workplace protections. Out & Equal CEO, Erin Uritus, spoke at a rally on the steps of the Supreme Court as the […]

2019 Workplace Summit: Trip Report

Are you looking for a way to share with your colleagues what happened at Summit? This report is designed to provide you with an outline for what we did at Summit and to inform your colleagues about the impact and benefits of attending the 2019 Workplace Summit and Leadership Day. This report not only captures […]


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