“The fact that the House has passed bipartisan support of marriage equality—something that was unthinkable even a decade ago—is a testament to how far our country has come in recognizing the value of LGBTQ+ relationships. By codifying marriage equality and the rights afforded to same-gender couples at the federal level, the Respect for Marriage Act serves as an important preventative measure.

In a democracy, our rights are only guaranteed when we actively work to protect them. I applaud today’s vote; it is an important first step for Congress. At the same time, it is but one of many protections needed for LGBTQ+ people and I hope to see similar bills passed preventing employment discrimination and other forms of exclusion by our community. However, in the short-term, we call on the Senate to waste no time in following the House’s bipartisan lead and enshrining marriage as a right for all Americans.”

Erin Uritus
Out & Equal Workplace Advocates

Headshot of Erin Uritus.