Founded in 2009 by US-based advocate, Rachel Crandall, TDOV serves as a counterbalance to the annual November mourning of those oppressed and lost to anti-transgender bias and violence, Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR). Prior to TDOV’s creation, TDOR was the only day of awareness serving to recognize the transgender community. TDOV was established to celebrate the accomplishments of transgender and gender expansive individuals, create a moment of visibility, raise awareness of the discrimination faced by the community across the globe, and inspire measurable and inclusive action towards progress.

Visibility, both in the workplace and beyond, plays a key role in shaping the narrative around how transgender/gender expansive individuals can be their full, authentic selves and thrive—both inside and outside of the workplace. TDOV is an opportunity to uplift and center the stories and voices of the transgender/gender expansive community and recommit to valuing and celebrating this community year-round. It also presents a vital opportunity to engage companies, stakeholders, and employees in conversations and programming around the transgender/gender expansive community.

In recognition of TDOV, Out & Equal is sharing 5 actions employers can take today, along with inspiring stories and resources, to support transgender/gender expansive community members, while developing workplace cultures of inclusion and belonging for all. To learn more about these steps, please see our Celebrating Transgender Day of Visibility Year-Round resource and remember, it is critical to engage in these actions year-round and not only on this date.

Ensure Policies and Procedures Reflect Your Values.

One of the very first steps in the journey to support transgender/gender expansive inclusion is to ensure that foundational elements within your company reflect values of inclusion. Your non-discrimination protections, healthcare coverage, and facilities such as restrooms and locker rooms should be inclusive of the transgender/gender expansive community.

2022 Out & Equal Workplace Summit, Promoting the Health and Wellbeing of your Gender Expansive Workforce (feat. JPMorgan Chase)

Understand the Challenges Faced by your Transgender/Gender Expansive Colleagues and Clients.

In order to support and elevate transgender/gender expansive voices, it is important to possess an awareness of the issues faced by the community.

Check out these inspiring stories:

2020 Out & Equal Workplace Summit (feat. Breanna Sinclairé, opera singer)

Invest in Transgender/Gender Expansive Leadership.

Employers can continue to celebrate and recognize the transgender community year-round by considering the ways they can support and develop transgender/gender expansive leadership. Due to persistent stigma, transgender/gender expansive employees are often denied promotion or leadership opportunities. Companies should ensure that they are not only protecting their transgender/gender expansive employees from discrimination but are also promoting professional growth and cultivating transgender/gender expansive leaders within the organization.

Out & Equal is proud to support the leadership and professional development of early- and mid-career transgender/gender expansive leaders through programs such as the Diverse Leaders Fellowship and the Korn Ferry Leadership U for Humanity program.

We are thrilled to launch, alongside support from JPMorgan Chase, a Trans Leadership Day on Monday, September 11, 2023, as part of the 2023 Out & Equal Workplace Summit. This pre-conference day of networking and professional development will focus on the unique needs of transgender/gender expansive executives and ascending executives. For more information on leadership development opportunities, please email      

2023 Out & Equal Executive Forum, Brad Baumoel announces Transgender and Non-binary Leadership Circle

Elevate the Transgender/Gender Expansive Community Throughout the Year.

It is important to cultivate a workplace culture that values and embraces authenticity while encouraging an intersectional appreciation of all team members. By highlighting transgender/gender expansive narratives in programming and communications throughout the year, companies can continue to build awareness of the issues faced by transgender/gender expansive individuals, as well as instill a sense of belonging.

2021 Out & Equal Workplace Summit, Beyond Performative Support: Trans and Non-Binary Equity & Inclusion

Voice Public Support for the Transgender/Gender Expansive Community.

Because opposition to transgender/gender expansive inclusion is an ever-present reality, opportunities regularly surface for companies to voice their support for the transgender/gender expansive community throughout the year. This is especially true when public policy issues arise on the federal, state, and local level.

2022 Out & Equal Workplace Summit, Texas as Case Study for Navigating Anti-LGBTQ Bills

On TDOV, Out & Equal celebrates the accomplishments of transgender/gender expansive citizens everywhere and expresses sincere gratitude to the countless and brave transgender/gender expansive advocates who share their stories on this day—and throughout the year—to generate visibility, fight against stigma and discrimination, and shape the conversation around gender across the world.

We encourage businesses to continue their fight to put an end to transphobia and efforts aimed at harming the community, while supporting transgender/gender expansive employees throughout the year so that they can thrive.