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2024 Out & Equal LATAM Forum   

Advancing LGBTQI+ Inclusion in Your Organization

May 9 @ 9:00 am 6:00 pm

Location: Sheraton Hotel, São Paulo (Brazil) 

Out & Equal’s global workplace conferences that span the Asia-Pacific (APAC), Latin America (LATAM), and the United States are the premier convenings for thousands of professionals to hone their leadership skills, examine emerging trends impacting workplace culture and inclusion, and build networks that allow for continued knowledge sharing.        

Join Out & Equal as we host our annual LATAM Forum, the preeminent regional event dedicated to advancing LGBTQI+ workplace equity, where leaders, practitioners, and changemakers alike gather for informative sessions, engaging conversations, and opportunities to discuss cutting-edge and innovative DEIB strategies.    

Why attend?   

This year’s LATAM Forum is taking place amid political and economic shifts across the region, which are influencing how businesses continue to advance their key strategies and drive cultures of inclusion and belonging forward.

By attending LATAM Forum at this pivotal moment, participants will: 

  • Hear from some of the leading minds and figures in the space. 
  • Gain effective tools, skills, and knowledge to lead change within their organizations. 
  • Build a network of leading executives, practitioners, and ERG leaders from across the Americas to better affect meaningful change.    

Cutting-edge topics that will be discussed at the Forum include:   

  • The Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB)   
  • Building Intersectional DEIB Programs Inclusive of Trans and Nonbinary Talent  
  • How to Make the Business Case for LGBTQI+ Inclusion in the Workplace   
  • How to Approach the Future of Work through a DEIB Lens    
  • Navigating Inclusion in Country-Specific Settings: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Mexico in focus  
Register Now

Space is limited, so we encourage you to register as soon as possible.  There will be simultaneous translation in both Portuguese and Spanish throughout the event.   

8.00–8.30am Registration Opens for Executive Breakfast (Invite Only)

8:00–9:45 Executive Breakfast (Invite Only) 

In this exclusive, invite only gathering, connect with LGBTQI+ and ally leaders from companies across the region to share ideas and network. We will feature remarks from senior executives on their personal journeys, including their greatest challenges and successes in the workplace.  

We will also present the findings of our latest report “Necessary Change” a first-of-its-kind resource focused on the Argentina workplace.

This report includes a call to action for company leaders on employee retention and brand reputation management. It also provides employers with practical ways to attract more LGBTQI+ friendly consumers, as well as LGBTQI+ talent.

9:00–9:30 Registration Opens

9:30–11:15  Opening Plenary 

The 2024 LATAM Forum will kick off with opening remarks from Out & Equal’s Managing Director, Chief Program and Partnerships Officer Deena Fidas (she/her), followed by a dialogue on the business of belonging between Out & Equal’s CEO, Erin Uritus (she/her) and Dow Chemicals’ Latin America President, Javier Constante (he/him).

The Opening Plenary session will also include keynote remarks and a panel of regional DEIB leaders sharing personal stories and insights on how to best use positions of power and influence within a company to create inclusive cultures where every individual and team can bring their authentic selves to work and feel safe, valued, and welcomed. 

11:15–11:45  Networking Time & Coffee Break 

11:45–13:00  Morning Breakout Sessions:  
Making the Business Case for LGBTQI+ Inclusion in Your Company 

Representation, inclusion, and equity drive stronger business outcomes. In this session, participants will learn how to effectively communicate and advocate the business case for inclusion and equity to key decision makers.  

DEIB in non-office workplaces and factories 

DEIB cannot just exist within the bounds of traditional offices. LGBTQI+ people also work in non-office workplaces and factories. This session will feature DEIB leaders offering insights on how to build and adapt existing DEIB practices, training and programs that align with these “nontraditional workplaces”. 

How to Establish and Grow An LGBTQI+ Employee Resource Group (ERG) 

ERGs continue to be one of the most frequently leveraged tools in an organizations’ DEIB strategy.. In this session, attendees will learn how to develop and refine the vision and mission statement of an ERG, ensure its goals are aligned with the needs of the business, and learn about the internal processes that enable action in the current business climate, both locally and globally.   

Building Successful Trans and Nonbinary Recruitment Programs: Case Studies 

Inclusionary practices that attract and retain talent must start before an employee begins their career journey at a company. In this workshop, designed for HR leaders and DEIB practitioners, you will gain practical guidance on building and scaling a recruitment program that promotes greater trans and nonbinary workplace inclusion.  

13:00–14:30  Lunch Plenary

The Lunch Plenary will kick off with keynote remarks on the power of storytelling, followed by a panel composed of Latin American women who are leading and transforming their countries and the world.

Attendees will learn from this diverse group of women what challenges and obstacles exist for Indigenous and trans women in the region, and how we can use our individual spheres of influence to be intentional and authentic allies, and ultimately, drive lasting and meaningful change for these communities in the workplace and beyond.  

14:30–14:45  Networking Time & Coffee Break 

14:45–16:00  Afternoon Breakout Sessions  
The Pink Market Matters: How Do We Build Brands for Everyone? 

Customers are 2X more likely to buy or use a brand from a company that “publicly supports and demonstrates a commitment to expanding and protecting LGBTQ+ rights. This session — tailored to public relations, communications, and marketing experts and advanced DEIB practitioners — will examine the business case for inclusionary brand practices, discuss steps for establishing internal and external communication strategies that align with DEIB goals, and reinforce the importance of approaching inclusion authentically from a communication and workplace policy perspective.  

What Artificial Intelligence Means for DEIB 

AI and AI-related innovations are impacting industries at incredible speeds and are shaping how we live, learn, and work. Starting with AI’s impact on DEIB, this session will provide an overview of both the opportunities and risks that AI brings to workplace DEIB efforts, and its capacity to maintain, strengthen or even reproduce bias. 

Women and Nonbinary People in Leadership 

Women and nonbinary people face unique challenges in the workplace and society. In this session, attendees will learn how to create impactful actions that promote a workplace environment of equity and inclusive opportunities.

Attendees will hear—through the intersectional perspective of women and nonbinary leaders from Brazil —how they are working to create more opportunities for themselves and their communities. 

Design Thinking: Finding Commonalities and Solutions in our workplace 

When implementing new programs, technology, and process, it is important to keep the person and their unique need at the center. This session will collectively explore solutions to the largest organizational challenges facing the LGBTQI+ community today and find common ground and solutions across corporate offices in Latin America.

16:00–16:30 Networking & Coffee Break 

16:30–17:30 Country Specific Breakout Sessions  

To discuss the most prevalent gaps between corporate policy and everyday culture, experts from four countries will host in-depth conversations for participants to learn best practices and the latest strategies coming out of Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico. Participants will be able to choose a preferred session regardless of country of origin.  

In October 2023, Out & Equal in partnership with Argentina’s LGBTQI+ Chamber of Commerce (CCGLAR) launched the groundbreaking research report: Necessary Change: Achieving Full LGBTQI+ Workplace Inclusion in Argentina.  

The findings demonstrated that many employers across Argentina lack clear policies and practices to support LGBTQI+ inclusion. Despite these challenges, LGBTQI+ people refuse to hide who they are, even while facing challenges at work.

Building on that research, country specific breakout sessions will examine opportunities and challenges for LGBTQI+ employees in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Mexico 

Argentina: Strategies for Inclusive Communication in the Workplace

Brazil: Tools to Advance your Corporate Advocacy 

Chile: Theory and Practice for Effective LGBTQI+ Mentoring 

Mexico: Building a Successful Allyship Program to Champion LGBTQI+ Inclusion 

17:30–17:45 Transition time  

17:45–18:45 Excellence Awards

The Excellence Awards recognize individuals, companies and ERGs who are leading the way with bold and innovative advancements toward workplace inclusion for LGBTQI+ people in Latin America.

18:45–19:00 Transition time  

19:00–21:00 Closing Reception 

Join us for an evening of celebration and networking!  

The Out & Equal 2024 LATAM Forum closing reception will include drinks, light appetizers, refreshments and ample opportunity to meet DEIB leaders from across Latin America. 

Recognizing Leaders Who Are Driving Change 

The Excellence Awards will recognize individuals, executive leaders, companies, and ERGs who are leading the way with bold and innovative advancements toward workplace inclusion for LGBTQI+ people in Latin America.     

Download our helpful guidelines for submitting your nominations for each award category 

The deadline to nominate is Monday, April 8. Winners will be announced at the close of LATAM Forum on May 9.  

Award Categories

Executive Leader Excellence Award 

This award recognizes an LGBTQI+ or ally executive who is actively supporting their organization’s inclusion efforts, advocating for significant adoption of best/innovative practices, benefiting LGBTQ+ employees and advancing their organization’s standing as a true leader in this work in the region. Executives are role models to others, are intentional about inclusion, and are making a difference outside their workplace to drive change and equality in their community, their country, and the world.    

Nominate a Leader

Latin American LGBTQI+ Workplace Advocate Excellence Award 

This award recognizes an LGBTQI+ individual who is actively advocating to improve their organization’s inclusion efforts, pushing significant adoption of best/innovative practices, benefiting LGBTQI+ employees and advancing their organization’s standing as a true leader in this work in the region. Advocates are bold and are making a difference outside their workplace to drive change and equality in their community, their country, and the world. 

Nominate aN ADVOCATE

Employee Resource Group Excellence Award 

This award recognizes a local or regional ERG that has a proven track record of success. A top contender will be an ERG that is continuously elevating best practices, implementing intersectional and collaborative programming with other ERGs, and advocating for LGBTQI+ equality in its workplace. 

Nominate aN ERG

Workplace Excellence Award 

This award recognizes an employer that demonstrates a historic and ongoing commitment to pursuing and implementing workplace equity for LGBTQI+ employees in Latin America. This employer’s LGBTQI+ workplace inclusion initiative raises the bar and serves as an example for others, but also supports other organizations’ DEIB efforts through active knowledge sharing and peer organization mentoring. 

Nominate aN EMPLOYER


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