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2022 Summit Health & Safety FAQ

Updated 5/16/22

Is there a vaccination requirement for 2022 Workplace Summit  attendees?  

Yes.  All attendees (including speakers and Out & Equal staff) are required to be up-to-date on COVID-19 vaccinations. 

Which vaccines will you accept to attend the event?  

We will accept World Health Organization (WHO)-approved vaccines, as well as any vaccines authorized or approved by the national health authority of the country where it was administered. Mixed vaccines will also be accepted (e.g., one dose of Moderna and one dose of Pfizer).  

Can I attend 2022 Workplace Summit with proof of a negative COVID-19 test or with proof of COVID-19 antibodies?   

No, a negative COVID-19 test, or proof of antibodies will not be accepted as a substitution for being up-to-date on vaccinations.   

Will exceptions to your COVID-19 vaccine requirement be accepted?  

No, we are unable to make any exceptions to the requirement of being up-to-date on vaccinations.  

Am I required to take a COVID-19 test before arriving to the event and after I return?  

No, you are not required; however, we strongly encourage all attendees to take a COVID-19 test before your arrival to the event and upon your return home.  

Are masks required at the 2022 Workplace Summit?  

Out & Equal is actively monitoring the COVID-19 mandates, health statistics, and risk factors with the goal to set guidelines that provide ample safety for all attendees and participants of the 2022 Workplace Summit. With the pandemic being a fluid situation, our mask policy is under review and will be provided to attendees with ample time to prepare for the event. 

What happens if I have a known exposure risk before coming to 2022 Workplace Summit?  

If a registered attendee has a known COVID-19 exposure risk prior to attending 2022 Workplace Summit, we request that they not attend the event.   

Who should I notify if I’m not feeling well on-site at 2022 Workplace Summit?  

If an in-person attendee develops COVID-19 symptoms during the 2022 Workplace Summit, we ask that they stay in their room and notify Out & Equal Director of Human Resources, Virginia Bennis via email at hr@outandequal.org for contract tracing purposes. 

What should I do if I test positive for COVID-19 during the event?  

We request that you no longer attend the event in-person and self-isolate. In addition, please notify Out & Equal Director of Human Resources, Virginia Bennis via email at hr@outandequal.org for contract tracing purposes. Positive cases will be anonymously communicated to our attendees, staff, and venue. 

How do I provide proof of vaccination? 

  • Out & Equal will be taking advantage of Health Pass by CLEAR to provide secure, digital proof of your vaccination status via the free CLEAR mobile app for attendees who received their vaccinations inside the U.S. 
  • Attendees who received their vaccinations outside of the U.S., will be required to show their COVID-19 vaccination card and legal, government issued photo-identification upon registration check-in.  
  • “For additional information visit our Proof of Vaccination page. “


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