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Practitioner Leadership Labs

This pre-Summit program offers ERG/BRG leaders and DEI professionals an opportunity to deep dive on key LGBTQ+ workplace inclusion issues and learn best practices from practitioners from Fortune 500 organizations.

Practitioner Leadership Lab sessions are 2.5 hours each, and feature experts in LGBTQ+ inclusion and DEI best practices. Sessions will include hands-on activities and may require pre-work. In addition to breakfast and lunch general sessions, participants will pick one lab session for the morning and one for the afternoon across three learning tracks:

  1. Resource Group Leadership
  2. LGBTQ+ Inclusion Best Practices
  3. Leadership Development

Registration cost of $500 includes two lab sessions and two general sessions with meals provided.

To register for Practitioner Leadership Labs, access the general public registration link here and select either “In-Person Full Conference + Practitioner Leadership Labs” or “In-Person Practitioner Leadership Labs Only”. Proceed through the registration site and you will be prompted to select your Practitioner Leadership Lab courses.

NOTE: Attendees from partner companies using a comp code or discount code must use the registration link provided in their partner code emails, not the general public link above.

Morning Sessions

Assessing LGBTQI+ Inclusion in Your Workplace

Around the world, we have seen instances of the business community leading the momentum for LGBTQI+ inclusion, well ahead of legal and societal changes. However, the business community continues to need support in how they effectively navigate broad challenges to LGBTQI+ equality. In March 2022, Out & Equal released a self-evaluation guide on LGBTQI+ workplace inclusion in an attempt to move beyond checklists and evolve to flexible tools of individual empowerment and organizational change, supporting employers to identify gaps between policy and culture. Join us for an interactive session that will walk you through the self-evaluation guide, as well as provide ample opportunity for sharing, learning, and Q&A. Participants will walk away better able to understand the nuanced and interconnected levels of inclusion in a company’s policies, practices, and day-to-day culture, and be ready to take the next steps towards closing any gaps. 

Leveraging Your Unique Narrative

At work, we constantly reveal who we are – from clarifying pronouns, to referencing our spouses, to more strategically personalizing LGBTQ+ equality to advocate for a policy change. Each of these acts is about telling your truth, sharing your story, and in doing so, having the power to change lives and transform organizational culture.  Building on Out & Equal’s workplace storytelling resource for LGBTQ+ people and allies: Your Story. Your Truth. Your Power., this session will teach storytellers how to drive change and achieve impact, reduce resistance and opposition, and create a culture of storytelling in your workplace.  

Intergenerational Reference Points, LGBTQ+ Leadership, and You

Have you been caught off guard that the song you’re singing along to is already a decade old? Where does the time go? And how do our generational reference points manifest in our LGBTQ+ leadership? Your 25-year-old colleagues were: babies when Matthew Shepard was murdered, toddlers when Will & Grace aired, 14 when Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was repealed, and high schoolers when Edie Windsor got her day at the Supreme Court and the Defense of Marriage Act was overturned. Have you ever paused to ponder if your LGBTQ+ history is also theirs? Join Out & Equal for a highly interactive workshop to learn new ways of creating meaningful, cross-generational dialogue around LGBTQ+ history and how these can inform your day-to-day leadership and ERG plans. Kicking off with an interactive memory tour, this session will explore best practices for engaging Gen Z in your company’s inclusion work.

Educate, Engage & Empower: Public Policy and Employee Resource Groups

Is your ERG/BRG effectively advocating for the LGBTQIA+ community?

2022 has been a challenging year as our community has seen equality questioned at many turns. But our fight continues – whether it’s LGBTQIA+ rights, marriage equality, or healthcare for and acceptance of trans kids, our community and allies stand together. Now more than ever, we must unite to drive change.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs/BRGs) are some of our best allies across corporations when it comes to influence and advocacy. Join representatives from Dell Technologies’ PRIDE ERG for an informative session in which we will share our best practices in how we educate, engage, and empower our team members to positively advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community. We will discuss the power of partnerships and how we work both internally and externally with key stakeholders to help drive change. We will share real world examples of programs we’ve run, like our voter registration efforts, that have helped organize and engage our organization. Lastly, we’ll discuss future goals through a collaborative, goal-setting discussion, where we will brainstorm together on how we can educate, engage, and empower our community to create meaningful impact within our city, state and federal government moving forward.

ERGs and Parents of LGBTQ+ Kids

Abstract forthcoming.

Afternoon Sessions

Leveraging Executive Sponsors to Drive Resource Group Engagement

Executive Sponsors play a critical role in ERG performance, but many ERG leaders aren’t sure how to engage their Executive Sponsors to drive success. And many Executive Sponsors aren’t sure how to best add value. Join HP’s Global Pride Executive Sponsor and Out & Equal Board Member, Annette Friskopp, and Global ERG Program Manager, Beth Miller, in this interactive workshop to learn how Executive Sponsors can help drive ERG growth and success. The workshop will include a panel discussion with Executive Sponsors who will share their wisdom and experience on how they provide sponsorship that helps their ERGs grow and succeed.

What’s Your B.R.A.V.E. Quotient?

As a leader, self-reflection is essential to continue growth as the world changes. In this session, you’ll have the opportunity to find your individual B.R.A.V.E. Leadership quotient with an introduction to our exclusive B.R.A.V.E. Leader assessment. We’ll work together after some introspective exercises to develop a growth plan toward being leaders who embody Belonging, Resilience, Authenticity, Vulnerability, and Empathy. This model has been adopted with much success as a best practice for leader and culture development programming in companies around the globe. With the right tools you can create a strong and safe culture that not only your people will thrive in, but you will too.

Belonging at Work: Fostering Intersectional Allyship

“Bring your whole self to work” is a phrase you’ve likely heard time and again in DEI spaces. But what does it really mean in practice? Join Out & Equal’s Senior Director of Learning and Development, Isabel Porras, to explore how an intersectional allyship framework can inform and expand your leadership practice. The secret? It starts with learning more about our identities, and the ways they interact with the spaces and people around us. In this session, you’ll develop a greater understanding of your own identity and the way you show up at work, explore intersectionality and its usefulness as a DEI framework, and create actionable ways to foster belonging on your teams.

Build Your Transgender and Nonbinary Employee Organization

Join members of the Gender Expansive Council as we share our journey of employee inclusion and empowerment at JPMorgan Chase. Learn from our experiences, so that your organization can also realize the benefits of trans and non-binary employee organization. Leave with key insights and tools, motivated to make a difference working within this community. We will discuss the beginnings of our Council, how we have navigated our growth, our successes, and our challenges. The informative and collaborative session will draw out important elements for success and help you to structure an approach for your employees and your organization. The workshop will ultimately call us to action and to join a growing network of firms for whom transgender organization is integral to their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts.

How Companies Can Better Support LGBTQ+ Parenting and Caregiving

Parenting and caregiving can be one of the most rewarding but also demanding aspects in our employees’ personal lives, and it can carry different complexities within the LGBTQ+ community.  As senior leaders, we learn that our employees’ personal and professional lives are not mutually exclusive and can have a meaningful impact on performance, retention, and overall mental wellness.  How can senior leaders improve communication around these topics and better support their LGBTQ+ employees as they navigate the challenges of their parenthood/caregiving journey?  During this workshop, we will explore in more detail through personal stories from panelists, participating in interactive breakout sessions, and shared dialogue with peers to better understand these dynamics within the workplace.  Senior leaders from Bank of America will identify ways to create allyship, as well as develop a strategy framework, policies, benefits, and much more to support their LGBTQ+ employees to achieve personal and professional goals.

ERG Leaders LAB: Learn. Act. Build

You are an ERG leader responsible for driving and executing strategy by leading people through influence all in a world of constant disruption from hybrid work environments and technology changes to long overdue conversations on race & equity. In this interactive lab for current & future ERG Leaders, you will learn, act, and build both hard and soft leadership skills to effectively run your ERG as well as drive growth in your current job role.

Hear from personal branding expert and inclusion thought leader Jayzen Patria on his experiences championing ERGs at companies including General Electric, Comcast & NBCUniversal and the best new practices he is seeing in action at top corporations. Use an executive’s strategy & action planning toolkit that sets a mindset for your team to drive results the C-suite is looking for today. Hone your leadership skills to lead and manage those who do not report directly to you.

As a result of the session, you will:

  • Learn and practice tools to facilitate engaging conversations with executives, your steering committee, and members to influence, coach, delegate and empower.
  • Act like the CEO of your ERG with a mindset to drive business impact and advocate for the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Create a draft 2023 ERG strategy with a process and tools to co-create and finalize with your leadership team post Summit.


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