Keith Plummer | Intern

Keith joined the Out & Equal team in July 2017. Keith is a graduate of College of the Holy Cross, spending a year abroad at University of Oxford, and receiving a dual degree in Sociology / Gender & Sexuality Studies. In college, Keith was the chair of their resident Pride organization. There, they spearheaded a gender-inclusive housing campaign that made Holy Cross one of the first Catholic colleges to residentially accommodate genderqueer and gender non-conforming students outside of their sex assigned at birth in the United States. Before Out & Equal, Keith worked as a Research Assistant and Outreach Coordinator for the Digital Transgender Archive, the first online repository of transgender history, where they conducted an international project to diversify its holdings along multiple intersections of identity. Keith would describe themself as a queer-positive, intersectional feminist and you can often find them speaking wax poetic about the social construction of gender. Out of the office, Keith enjoys reading a juicy memoir by the pool, catching up on their latest television obsession, or exploring the nightlife of San Francisco & San José.