ERG of the Year - IC Pride, US Intelligence Community

IC Pride was created in 2009 with only a vision, a chairman, and executive champion but officially launched in 2011. IC Pride has quickly grown and effectively leverages its position at the ODNI level to identify and shape LGBT community priorities and implement best practices across the Intelligence Community. The number of successes and the level of impact have been consistently growing each year since IC Pride stood up.

In Their Own Words: “IC Pride is most notable for three things: the way it maximizes and propels rapid diversity change, its use of senior executives to support that speed of change, and the way it has helped reverse long-lived stereotypes of the US government and the Intelligence Community as non-LGBT friendly employers.”

Our Favorite Moment: The Transgender Working Group ensures that trans voices and concerns from across the collection of agencies influence IC Pride direction, priorities, and initiatives. Nearly every IC Pride engagement and deliverable goes through “trans review” to ensure the trans community and its needs are addressed appropriately.