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Workshops: Thursday, October 17

There are three sessions on Tuesday. Click on a session to view the workshops in each.

SESSION 7: 10AM – 11:30 AM

SESSION 8: 2PM – 3:30PM

SESSION 7 | 10AM – 11:30 AM

Where in the World…. Are Your Allies? | Tracks: Allies; Global

This workshop shares leading practices on maintaining and expanding your ally program. The team created and executed “Global Ally Day” in more than 17 countries and 120 locations worldwide. This concept provides a powerful way to reach new Allies and engages existing Allies through education and networking opportunities. The objective is to expand the reach of the existing program and give all Allies an easy way to become visible to other associates to create an inclusive culture. Through extensive marketing and enthusiastic volunteers, the program generated tremendous Ally awareness worldwide. The team will walk through the program from start to finish and show participants how to execute a program that will extend your reach.

Speakers: Terri Fisher (Frito-Lay North America), Sean Brulet (Pepsico), Emily Bonnell (Pepsico)


Our Chosen Family: Corporate Strategies for American Families Today | Track: Workplace Policies & Benefits

What makes a contemporary family? Is it ties of blood, marriage, birth, adoption, tight neighbors or close friendships? Who are our tribes and what is the glue today that makes a chosen family? Why do they matter more today? In a highly competitive economy for top talent, employers are designing innovative and far more flexible ways to support their employees and to reflect their unique family needs. Evolving workplace trends are intended to empower employees to tell management how they define families, caregiving, health needs, parenting desires and gender identities. Building on foundations of trust and accountability, far-sighted employers today welcome having their employees define themselves, their families, and their lives in ways they can best help. This workshop will highlight these trends, talking with experts and corporate leaders about the sea changes that are influencing employee and family benefits innovation. Through case studies and conversation, this program will touch on caregiving policies, bereavement, gender affirmation services, family planning and parenting support, among others as a way to highlight new offerings and best practices.

Speakers: Bob Witeck (Witeck Communications), Beck Bailey (HRC), Dr. Claudia Coplein (MassMutual),


ADDING COLOR to the RAINBOW | Tracks: Intersectionality; Belonging & Culture

Since it’s inception in 2011, Rolodex Global (“Rolodex”) has partnered with other LGBT+ organizations to create what we call “ACR events”. Now join members of Rolodex as we host a reverse ACR and discuss the beauty, challenges, and the intersectional culture of being gay professional men of African descent in an open forum. Through a mix of formal topics, peppered with our usual black boi joy banter, you will have a chance to hear our perspective of the world and gain insight into what we say when we are together at our month Rolodex brunches. Now, do you want Mimosas, Bellinis…or a shot of truth TEA?

Speakers: Luzerne McAllister, II (Rolodex Global)


Technology – Your LGBT+ BRG Savior or Downfall? | Tracks: Advanced ERG / BRG; Professional Development & Executive Leadership

This panel will include representatives from ADP, EY, Microsoft and Symantec.

Technology plays a bigger part today in our lives and our workforces than ever before. It can be innovative, fun, engage people globally and facilitate sharing information like never before. It can also have its challenges when relied on too much or in how it is positioned. Join EY, ADP and Translator for a discussion on how we are seeing tech play a part in diversity, inclusion and specifically in our LGBT+ BRGs. Explore how tech’s influences in our companies can be used for good and avoid the downfalls.

Speakers: Chris Crespo (EY), Dominic Gadoury (ADP)


An Intimate Conversation with LGBTQ+ WoC/Allies: Matriarchs of Color  | Tracks: Intersectionality; Belonging & Culture

This year’s annual panel discussion (with new panelists) will feature Matriarchs of Color who are part of the LGBTQ+ community, allies, &/or create LGBTQ+ strategy at their companies. The audience will learn about their experiences in the workplace, the intersectionality of being Black, a woman, a mother, and LGBTQ+ plus strategies and initiatives impacting LGBTQ+ employees. The intended audience for this intimate & candid discussion wants to learn about the personal experiences of out individuals as they navigate the corporate world as well as hear from those who support true authenticity in the workplace. The discussion will be led by an ally woman of color who is responsible for LGBTQ+ corporate strategy at AT&T.

Speakers: Roslyn Barker (Toyota), Pam Illar (EY), Jeania Robinson (AT&T), Clara Yoon (PFLAG NYC), Deneen L. Garrett, MSA (AT&T)


Global Policy, Allies, Belonging-Oh My! Holistic Trans-Inclusive Practice | Tracks: Workplace Policies & Benefits; Transgender & Gender Nonconforming

Many organizations have committed to improving resources for trans & gender non-confirming employees, however, most implement policy and practices with little thought to a holistic process or global applicability. This session will overview the elements of two companies’ holistic efforts (EY & State Street) and highlight lessons learned in the process. Attendees will gain information about implementing: global trans-inclusive policy, self-ID processes, company-wide pronoun processes, name changes, leading transition health benefits, ally education, leveraging executive advocacy, and utilizing employee narratives to cascade culture of belonging. Each organization has a unique path to producing their own set of practices, and this session will emphasize that there are multiple approaches to ensure all employees feel confident in the systems and supports in place.

Speakers: Jamie Bergeron, MEd (EY), Chris Crespo (EY)


Driving Change Part II: How to Influence Change | Tracks: Talent Acquisition & Retention; Workplace Policies & Benefits

You attended Out & Equal. You networked with industry peers and reaped the fruits of collective intelligence and ideation. You have the solutions and ideas you want to implement. You know what you want to get done.

But, how do you make it happen? Building on BlackRock’s 2018 panel, which sought to generate the best ideas across industries to drive LGBTQ workplace equality, this session will focus on the how to drive change within your company. You will learn from new case studies and interactive audience engagement to discuss how great ideas can be taken up the chain in companies and put to action regardless of where your firm is in the journey of becoming an LGBTQ workplace equality champion

Speakers: Kirsty Craig (BlackRock), Tyler Nelson (BlackRock), Erica Seremeta (BlackRock), Benjamin Berghaendler (BlackRock), Karim Chedid (BlackRock)


Relaunching BGLAD-ERG as DuPont Pride! | Track: ERG / BRG

Dow and DuPont merged in 2017 to form the worlds largest chemical company, DowDuPont, to then split into three companies, Dow, Corteva, and a new DuPont in 2019. On the launch of the new DuPont, the opportunity was realized to reinvent the two merged LGBT-focused ERG’s, BGLAD and GLAD, as a reenergized DuPont Pride in a process overseen by Accenture Consulting. The restructuring methods, goals and rebranding results are shared in an interactive and transferable workshop.

Speakers: Carol Levey (DuPont), Jason Van Meter (DuPont), Benjamin Touchette (Accenture), Alex Koriakin (DuPont), Steven J Pufka (DuPont)


Mentoring LGBTQ Youth: Investing in the Future, Making Differences Now | Track: Corporate-Community Partnerships; ERG / BRG

This session previews an innovative pilot, generously funded by the Altria Group, at Big Brothers Big Sisters of America that is connecting LGBTQ youth with adult mentors giving young people tools and resources to grow into their future selves. LGBTQ Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and Corporate Responsibility support have been critical to the success of this initiative. Participants will learn more about how mentoring is making a difference for LGBTQ youth, ways that ERGs across the country are getting involved, mentoring benefits to organizations and LGBTQ employees, and why such initiatives for the LGBTQ community are needed now more than ever

Speakers: Hillary Bardwell (Big Brothers Big Sisters of America), Kathryn M Fessler (Altria), Christian Rummell, EdD, MPA (Mentorist), Ann Rohde Payes (Big Brothers Big Sisters Services)


Red State Transitioning – TransNavigating Conservative Culture | Track: Transgender & Gender Nonconforming

Transitions can be more challenging in red states; what are the best approaches to handling them? This panel is presented by a geographically diverse group of transgender men and women who’ve experienced transitions in both red and blue states. This session compares varying levels of difficulty while transitioning in different areas across the US.

Andi and Taylor are transgender women who grew up and transitioned in the red states of Alabama/Georgia and Utah. Sam and Sloan both grew up in the red states of Virginia and Texas. One panelists now lives in a blue state, another in a purple state, and the final two in red states.

Speakers: Andi Wofford (Northrop Grumman), Brett Hoffman (Collins Aerospace), Sam Slate (Dell), Sloan DeMent (Lockheed Martin), Michael Bosse (Northrop Grumman)


Authenticity in Connecting with the LGBTQ Community | Tracks: LGBTQ Marketing; Corporate-Community Partnerships 

From the start, MassMutual has had a single purpose: to help people secure their future and protect the ones they love. Our purpose has led us to develop inclusive employee benefits and foster a strong Pride BRG that has influenced leadership to take a stand for LGBTQ equality. This also helped us shape strategies around connecting with the LGBTQ community to help them meet their financial goals. Learn about MassMutual’s journey of LGBTQ advocacy, how that directly ties to our brand’s Purpose and Platform, and how we work to authentically connect with the LGBTQ community both nationally and locally. Finally, learn how aligning brand, marketing, and corporate social responsibility can create true authenticity for an organization to live its brand.

Speakers: Bernadette Harrigan (MassMutual), Jonathan Berthiaume (MassMutual), Mo Reed-McNally (MassMutual), Jennifer Halloran (MassMutual)


Best Practices for Transgender Inclusion in the Workplace | Tracks: Transgender & Gender Nonconforming; Allies

The landscape for LGBTQ inclusion is changing every day.  An estimated 1.4 million adults in the US identify as transgender. In California, 27% of youth are identified as transgender or gender non-conforming. When thinking about younger generations, we know that in the year 2025, millennials will represent 75% of the workforce. And millennials are more than 2xs as likely to identify as LGBTQ and more likely to identify as non-binary or genderfluid than previous generations. For employers, it is no longer a matter of what to do if they have transgender employees, but a matter of preparing for when they have transgender employees. This session will provide an environment for professionals to elevate their cultural competency of transgender inclusion.

Speakers: Rex Wilde (TransCanWork)


Lifting The Community through Community Involvement | Tracks: Corporate-Community Partnerships; Belonging & Culture 

FedEx, Toyota and Levi Strauss have all been longtime leaders in the LGBT movement and in the fight against HIV/AIDS. These three great companies have lifted the LGBT Community while strengthening the relationships with their employees and customers through a variety of partnership models with AIDS/LifeCycle. This session will highlight how the power of community event partnership can rally energy and bonding with work teams, spark engagement for employees and bolster goodwill and loyalty with an LGBT customer base.

Speakers: Tracy Evans (AIDS/LifeCycle), Justin Leach (Toyota), Louie Butler III (FedEx), Jake Little (Levi Strauss & Company)


BAM! POW! Superheroes Build Culture AND Provide Business Impact! | Tracks: ERG / BRG; Belonging & Culture 

Businesses that invest in Diversity & Inclusion want to see the return on these investments; as a result of this, it is vital that Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) learn how to produce tangible ROI for their companies.
While developing an inclusive culture through social events still has value, it is imperative for ERGs to evolve their operating model into Business Resource Groups (BRGs). This transformation will provide leverage to maximize the potential impact of the employee communities the ERG’s support.

Join us to learn how to be bold, to take the first steps to make crucial connections, to partner with these subject matter experts and together become a transformative power within your company to evolve your ERG to a BRG.

Speakers: Laura Folks (VMware), Briana Brophy (VMware), Cali Chin (VMware), Wendy Macias (VMware)


FBI: Voices From The Field | Tracks: Belonging & Culture; Government 

This session will highlight a few of the many diverse work roles and responsibilities filled by LGBT personnel within the FBI, from entry-level through senior executive. Participants will gain an understanding of the unique personal story of panel members and how LGBT employees contribute to the FBI mission to protect the American people and uphold the Constitution of the United States.

Speakers: TBA


Maybe Baby – Preparing for LGBTQ+ Family Building | Tracks: Intersectionality; Workplace Policies & Benefits

There is an anticipated boom in LGBTQ+ Family Building in the next decade. This workshop is offered to provide resources to the individual considering parenthood, the ERG interested in supporting LGBTQ+ Family Building and to address the critical business need to offer LGBTQ+ family friendly policies and benefits.

Speakers: Joseph Leahy (Johnson & Johnson), Raquel Evita Saraswati (Family Equality Council), Tammy Sun (Carrot), Joe Rudy (Baby Center)


Mask On: Mask Off | Tracks: Belonging & Culture; Talent Acquisition & Retention 

Do you truly know how very special and unique you are? Have you ever taken the time to really sit with your thoughts and reflect on all the good qualities you possess? Are you willing to discover, honor, and value your worth as an individual? These three basics yet impacting questions create the framework that allows you to become more self-aware and decisive regarding your behavior, reactions, and ways of being comfortable within your own skin.

Speakers: Dameone Ferguson (Lockheed Martin)


All You Need Is Love, Or Not: Asexuality and Aromanticism | Tracks: Bisexual+ / Queer; Belonging & Culture

Love is often called the universal language understood by all, and is the foundation of the LGBTQA+ community and identity. While love is a universal language, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all definition to love, and not everyone feels love the same way. In this panel, you’ll see love from the perspective of two LGBTQA+ groups who take different approaches to the concept: the asexual community and the aromantic community. You’ll also learn about the split attraction model, which these groups use to separate romantic attraction from sexual attraction.

Speakers: Emily Turner (Dell), Jeana Routh (Dell), Nanda Guruswamy (Cisco)


How O&E Global Fellows Make an Impact in a Challenging Context in Brazil | Track: Global

Ananda Puchta and Tiago Marinho, former Out&Equal Global Fellows 2018, both from Brazil, had incredible experience during Out&Equal Program in San Francisco. And it’s been one year since they got back to Brazil. The fact is, since they are back, Brazil has been going through a controversial context in which current elected government has been bringing great challenges to the local LGBTQ+ community. And both Ananda and Tiago stand still on their journeys towards promoting and leveraging Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace and society. And they are here to share it!

Speakers: Tiago Marinho (Salesforce), Ananda Puchta (Grupo Dignidade)


SESSION 8 | 2PM – 3:30PM

Finding Benefits Pathways: LGBT+ Parenting & Trans Medical Coverage | Tracks: Workplace Policies & Benefits; Transgender & Gender Nonconforming

Join us to learn about two exciting and cutting-edge benefit programs that support our LGBT+ parents-to-be and those transitioning. This session will overview the process of implementing, administering and revising two inclusive workplace policies which provide adoption/surrogacy and transition benefits. We will candidly discuss challenges encountered in developing the business case as well as addressing mistakes made along the way requiring revisions to policy and execution. Despite all efforts to provide fully progressive and inclusive policies, we had to engage all our diversity to identify the challenges, questions and solutions. The evolution provided a process that we replicated from Pathways to Parenthood to apply to our Trans coverage with Pathways to Transition.

Speakers: Joe Matuszewski (EY), Maryella Gockel (EY)


Beyond a Perfect Score: Culture Means More Than Policies | Tracks: Workplace Policies & Benefits; Allies

Companies have been scored on LGBTQ equality programs for years. In 2019, HRC gave 100% ratings to 572 businesses, many of them Fortune 500 companies. Yet only 26% of LGBTQ employees say they are “open to all” of their colleagues. A significant number of our community are not bringing their whole selves to work. We can do better. The session will focus on providing insights for how employers can leverage their LGBTQ community to improve diversity and inclusion. It will discuss going beyond a 100% HRC Score to employ a variety of strategies that support employees so that their whole selves actually show up at work. Panelists will share their experiences on how different initiatives increase responsiveness and authenticity.

Speakers: Joseph Vardner (Wells Fargo), Jason Lee (US Department of Justice), Tonia Stubbs (Travelers Insurance), Tamara L Peterson (Wells Fargo)


HRC’s Corporate Equality Index Town Hall | Tracks: Workplace Policies & Benefits; ERG / BRG

This session will provide an overview of the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index, the national benchmarking tool on corporate policies and practices pertinent to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer employees, and provide expert guidance and insight into the survey process and current criteria. This session will serve as a town hall, giving companies the opportunity to ask questions and offer feedback to HRC staff, as well as share best practices and common challenges among one another. This will give participants an inside look into the process, solidify buy-in, and allow businesses to ask questions of top-performing companies under specific criterion.

Speakers: Liz Cooper (HRC)


HRC’s Corporate Equality Index Town Hall | Tracks: Workplace Policies & Benefits; ERG / BRG

This session will provide an overview of the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index, the national benchmarking tool on corporate policies and practices pertinent to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer employees, and provide expert guidance and insight into the survey process and current criteria. This session will serve as a town hall, giving companies the opportunity to ask questions and offer feedback to HRC staff, as well as share best practices and common challenges among one another. This will give participants an inside look into the process, solidify buy-in, and allow businesses to ask questions of top-performing companies under specific criterion.

Speakers: Liz Cooper (HRC)


Be the Persuasive Advocate for LGBTQ Rights You Were Born to Be | Tracks: Law & Public Policy; Professional Development & Executive Leadership

Advocacy within the LGBTQ movement is often led by lawyers, but you don’t need a law degree to be a persuasive and effective advocate for LGBTQ rights. This session will help you hone your advocacy skills and develop confidence as an opinion leader. Learn what is within the advocate’s tool kit and the dos and don’ts of advocacy. And, learn how to gather people together to move forward, based on lessons learned and taught by the lawyers that settle conflicts.

Speakers: Mr. Wesley Bizzell, JD (Altria / National LGBT Bar Association), Dru Levasseur, Esq. (National LGBT Bar Association), Bendita Cynthia Malaka, Esq. (Hogan Lovell / National LGBT Bar Association)


Bisexual and Beyond: Measurement Matters | Tracks: Bisexual+ / Queer; Talent Acquisition & Retention

What do you know about the bisexual, pansexual and fluid employees in your company and in your ERG? You may be aware that the number of people identifying outside of the gay/straight sexuality binary is increasing dramatically. Awareness of who is in your workforce and in your ERG, what they are experiencing and what they want will make you more adept at engaging the most talented among them. In this workshop, we’ll talk about the who and the what, provide you with data you can share with your organization, and share a tool being developed for employers and ERGs/BRGs to assess and strengthen their attractiveness and responsiveness to this burgeoning talent pool..

Speakers: Robyn T Ochs


Leveraging ERGs to Promote HIV Prevention in the LGBTQ+ Workforce/Community | Tracks: Intersectionality; ERG / BRG

Despite great strides in HIV prevention and treatment over the last 30 years, prevention and diagnosis of HIV in the U.S. remains a challenge with 40,000 new infections annually. Members of the LGBTQ+ community are disproportionately affected by HIV and less than 10% of at-risk individuals are using pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). As individual and corporate leaders in the LGBTQ+ community, do we have a responsibility to be more active in HIV prevention and the promotion of PrEP?

To answer this question, join representatives from Northrop Grumman’s Health Protection and Promotion Operating Unit (HPPOU) and Pride in Diversity Alliance (PrIDA) in a thought-provoking discussion on the role of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) in leveraging their influence to support HIV prevention.

Speakers: Austin Penna, MPH (Northrop Grumman), Jenna Grant (Northrop Grumman), Matthew Moncrief, PMP (Northrop Grumman), Michael Bosse (Northrop Grumman)


Winning the Game – Building an Inclusive Culture | Tracks: Belonging & Culture; Advanced ERG / BRG 

Learn how to build and strengthen your company’s inclusive culture using gamification to add a healthy sense of competition and fun! TE Connectivity’s Passport  program promotes employee engagement and personal development, challenging employees to earn badges by collecting a wide variety of experiences that span many facets of the diversity wheel including gender identity, sexual orientation, race, culture, physical & mental abilities, age, etc. Based on the premise that every experience makes us grow, the TE Passport program encourages employees to broaden their perspectives by broadening their experiences.

Speakers: Sandie Geary (TE Connectivity), Allison McCall (TE Connectivity), Rob Tilmans (TE Connectivity)


NextGen Workforce: Transgender Youth Driving Change | Tracks: Corporate-Community Partnerships; Transgender & Gender Nonconforming

Come experience Out & Equal’s first-ever trans youth-inspired, youth-forward session where participants will experience an odyssey called “the most invigorating, courageous, humorous and surprisingly productive session” by some of the nation’s leading D&I voices. This interactive session will be led by The GenderCool Project, a national storytelling campaign changing the conversation around transgender youth by telling stories of WHO these kids are as successful, talented, driven young people and not what they are. Attendees will witness the power of positive storytelling through the dynamic voices of young people to inform and guide discussions about what corporations should be doing now to prepare for the next generation of highly-evolved, robustly-opinionated workforce. Participants will also hear from the parents of these Champions to better understand what parents of transgender children need from their workplace now to nurture these future leaders.

Speakers: Jen Grosshandler (The GenderCool Project), Gearah Goldstein (The GenderCool Project), and GenderCool Champions Stella, Kai, Gia, Jonathan, Chazzie, Nicole, and Eevee


Transgender Best Practice – Latest research from Employees and Parents | Tracks: Transgender & Gender Nonconforming; Belonging & Culture

This session presents the findings of a Microsoft sponsored in-depth 2019 study just released that examines the experiences of about 75 employees working in large organizations across the USA. Study participants include employees who are transgender, gender non-binary or gender non-conforming, and parents of children who are trans, non-binary or gender non-conforming. Additionally, the study offers findings of interviews with over a dozen best-practice companies and subject matter experts. The outcome is to learn from the experiences of transgender employees and the families, as well as from HR professionals and other content experts, the ways in which organizations can better serve and support transgender employees and the families so they can engage most effectively at work.

Speakers: Jason Walkerden (Microsoft)


Importance of Sponsorship: Success for PRIDE at Chevron | Track: ERG / BRG

For any LGBTQA ERG to be successful, especially in a large organization, strong Executive Sponsorship is crucial. Executive sponsorship ensures the network will exert influence across the enterprise (especially other senior leaders), affect change to our network goals and ERG programming, and create a more inclusive environment for our LGBTQ workforce. Working with an Executive Sponsor also ensures the network’s alignment to the greater enterprise goals and strategies.
As a large multinational corporation, authority for making decisions is distributed amongst central functions. Navigating that environment can be challenging for ERG leaders, especially when leading a change agenda. Having a Global Board and local leadership teams disseminates information and allows opportunities to be escalated with learnings shared across the enterprise.

Workshop discussions will include best practice sharing on finding the right sponsor, sponsorship engagement, tying the networks goals to the greater enterprise goals, and getting the most value out of the relationship, both for the network and the sponsor. Q&A session will include questions like How did you feel when you were asked to be the Executive Sponsor‚ or How have you used your influence to make a difference for LGBTQA employees?

Speakers: Brian Godfrey Redmond (Chevron), Michelle Stewart (Chevron), Angel Rua (Chevron), Barbara Burger (Chevron)


Breaking the Time Capsule: Improving LGBT Acceptance in Male-Dominated Jobs | Track: General

While great strides have been made in recent years to improve acceptance of LGBT employees in many workspaces, LGBT employees may struggle to be themselves in historically male-dominated manufacturing/engineering and security workspaces where many employees have been in their job for more than 20 years. When new LGBT employees join such teams, they may feel like they are entering into a time capsule that has remained largely untouched by the cultural shifts in the communities around them. This abstract focuses on the progress that has been made to improve diversity and inclusion in such workspaces and the approaches used.

Speakers: Riley Welsh, BSME (Northrop Grumman), Rebekah Noyes (Northrop Grumman), Kimberly Zeiler (Northrop Grumman), Gary Wojcik (Northrop Grumman), Cavan Potee (Northrop Grumman)


Job Search by Indeed | Track: Talent Acquisition & Retention

At Indeed, it’s our mission to help people get jobs. Come join experts from the world’s #1 job site to learn how to navigate and optimize your job search. We will cover, resume tips and tricks to get noticed by recruiters, identifying your goals and optimizing your online job search, research and data on salaries and company reputations, and nailing the interview. Kick off your job search today with our job search experts.

Speakers: Kaishon Holloway (Indeed)


Accelerating ERG Business Impact through Financial Planning | Track: General

Learn how Morgan Stanley’s expertise in financial planning leads to higher engagement, crucial conversations and informed choices for individual goals based portfolio construction. Our team will share examples of how incorporating technology and raising awareness, has led LGBTQ+ employees to more effectively engage in the retirement planning process, including company stock plans.

In addition, we’ll discuss how investing with impact seeks to align financial goals that are driven by economic fundamentals with impact goals that are driven by employee personal values and mission

Speakers: Milton Dellossier (Morgan Stanley), Alex Curtis (Morgan Stanley), Raymone Jackson (Morgan Stanley), Harlan Levinson (Morgan Stanley)


Our Journey of Launching the NASA Goddard LGBT Climate Study | Tracks: ERG / BRG; Government

This panel workshop will focus on the four-year journey of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center LGBT ERG in launching a LGBT workplace climate study. Through an interactive audience dialogue, you will learn the details of this successful adventure – survey development, gaining approvals, marketing, analysis, and lessons learned along the way!

Speakers: Dr Robert Joseph Lutz, PhD (NASA), George Morrow (NASA), Joel Scott (NASA), Karen Smith (NASA), Lori Simmons (NASA)


Thinking Differently: Celebrating Psychological Diversity with Deloitte Business Chemistry | Track: Professional Development & Executive Leadership 

Expressly designed for use in a business context, Deloitte’s proprietary Business Chemistry tool is a personality system that draws upon the latest analytics technologies to reveal four scientifically based patterns of behavior. The system is designed to provide insights about individuals and teams based on observable business behaviors. Deloitte teamed with scientists from the fields of neuro-anthropology and genetics to develop a personality system that leverages modern computational techniques to bring a data-driven approach to observing and understanding personality differences. The resulting system is easy to remember, but with a sophisticated underpinning that highlights statistically relevant behavioral cues in a business environment. Over 150,000 users around the world have completed the assessment and now use Business Chemistry in their workplaces.

Speakers: Jake Lewitz (Deloitte), Davis Nix (Deloitte)


Polyamorous Roundtable Session (Closed) | Tracks: Bisexual+ / Queer; Intersectionality 

This closed roundtable discussion is intended for those who self-identify as Polyamorous. The purpose is to share positive experiences and challenges in our workplaces, ERGs, and learn/share with each other. Join us to discuss how organizations can evolve to make appropriate space for this group under the LGBT+ rainbow.



People + Impact + Cultural Intelligence: Our Patented Inclusion Formula | Track: ERG / BRG

Transformative. Innovative. Business Results-Oriented. This describes People & Business Resource Groups (PBRGs) at Bristol-Myers Squibb – a cutting-edge business model for resource groups led primarily by full-time Global Leaders who operate as passionate, committed business owner to accelerate GD&I and workplace inclusion.

In this highly interactive session, you will understand the business rationale for transforming traditional ERGs into empowered PBRGs. Discover how this model results in improvements in promotion, retention and engagement. Witness how Bristol-Myers Squibb, a global biopharma leader with 23K employees, activates 15k global PBRG members by inspiring a movement through full-time, dedicated Global Leaders. Learn how to sharpen your organization’s competitive edge with an approach to resource groups that is results-oriented for bolstering success in workplace inclusion.

Speakers: Achilles Vergis, J.D. (Bristol-Myers Squibb), Linda Leonard (Bristol-Myers Squibb)


Challenges as Immigrant Gay Professionals | Tracks: Belonging & Culture; Intersectionality

Gay immigrant professionals from other countries and culture have more challenges to deal with his/her sexuality when working at big US corporation. We are facing the pressure from our family/parents in the home country. We are also facing the challenges to adjust to new enviroment and try to make a living and have a better life to make our parents proud. There are quiet a large % Asian American professional in high tech company but many of us are afraid to come out.

Speakers: David Lee (Intel)


Workshops current as of July 25 and subject to change. For updated information, check the program app.


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