Today, the Supreme Court upheld our nation’s foundational principles of fairness and equal opportunity. The individuals who faced discrimination at work and fought back, bringing these three cases to the Supreme Court, were not asking for special treatment. All they asked for was to have established, bedrock protections to extend to LGBTQ Americans too.

Today’s decision means progress for LGBTQ Americans, but it does not mean that full equality has been achieved.

Moving forward from this important Supreme Court precedent, we will continue leading.

1) The Equality Act must be passed into law. It would provide clear and consistent LGBTQ federal civil rights protections. The bill enjoys the support of hundreds of major businesses and passed the House last year. When LGBTQ and allied Americans cast their ballots this fall, we will vote for leaders who stand for equality. This isn’t about party or politics, it’s about fundamental fairness.

2) Major businesses will go beyond the formalities of rejecting discrimination. They will build cultures of belonging. And as they build cultures where every person can show up as their authentic selves to work, they will help create a change that will be felt across all aspects of our society.

While today’s decision is good news, the economy is now in crisis. Out & Equal will continue to stand up for our values. We will work hand-in-hand with employers to make equality a reality, to fight discrimination, and to build cultures of belonging where every employee can show up as their full authentic self. 

Erin Uritus, CEO