Developing meaningful programs to support intersex employees and intersex family members of employees is more than simply adding the “I” to the LGBTQ acronym. In advance of Intersex Awareness Day on October 26th, Out & Equal teamed up with interACT to release one of the first resources of its kind—a comprehensive employer-focused guide on intersex inclusion. By providing employers with foundational knowledge around intersex identity, as well as practical guidance on intersex-affirming policies and benefits, this guide provides a roadmap for actioning values of inclusion with this often under-discussed and under-represented community.

In the session recorded below Managing Director of Out & Equal, Deena Fidas, and Executive Director of interACT Advocates for Intersex Youth, Kimberly Zieselman, highlight key insights and best practices from the resource, as well as answer questions on how employers can actively engage in building cultures of belonging for their intersex employees.

A copy of the slide presentation is available below the video.

Download PDF of SlideDeck