On May 6, 2020, Out & Equal hosted a virtual learning session – Time to Pivot: Pride from Remote – to explore how we can all pivot to ensure that Pride is as engaging and impactful for our workforce this year as much as ever. Out & Equal presented a new resource for Pride month – Pride-Out-Of-The-Box – that provides a set of ideas, tools, and engagement points for Employee Resource Groups everywhere to build virtual Pride engagements this year.

Out & Equal would like to thank Jayzen Patria for sharing his Think Like a CEO wisdom for pride season and for his continued support of the organization. Since June is just a few short weeks away, Jayzen and his team are ready to talk about how your company can Pride From Remote!  Learn more at https://www.jayzenpatria.com/pride or reach out directly at jayzen@jayzenpatria.com.

The recording of the session and a copy of the slide presentation is below.

download pdf: time to pivot