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Town Calls Archive

March 2019

The Disability Inclusion Advantage with Disability:IN, Supported by The Boeing Company

Tuesday, March 12 – 12:00pm Pacific

Disability:IN is the leading nonprofit resource for business disability inclusion worldwide. Supported by corporate partners, they work to expand opportunities for people with disabilities across enterprises and empower businesses to achieve disability inclusion and equality, with the goal of advancing inclusion to the point when the organization is no longer necessary. As the first of our two disability-focused webinars in the month of March in collaboration with The Boeing Company, this webinar will teach participants about the disability inclusion advantage and ways in which The Boeing Company has long supported Disability:IN’s work, to gain strategies for your own company no matter where you are on your disability inclusion journey. If your company is looking to better understand disability inclusion and its intersections with LGBTQ programming, this webinar is for you.

December 2018

Chevron and San Francisco AIDS Foundation: A holistic partnership fighting HIV/AIDS

Wednesday, December 19 – 12:00pm Pacific

This session explores the ways in which nonprofits and corporations can collaborate holistically to create mutual value within the LGBTQ diversity and inclusion space, using the 30 year partnership between Chevron and San Francisco AIDS Foundation as an example. Presenters include Peita Dixon of the SF AIDS Foundation and Alex Cunningham and Michael Steinberg of Chevron representing the nonprofit and corporate perspectives.

If your company or organization is looking to approach corporate-nonprofit partnerships but is unsure how to do so effectively, this session is for you.

November 2018

Best Practices for Non-binary Inclusion in the Workplace

Thursday, November 15 – 12:00pm Pacific

Non-binary employees experience significant rates of discrimination in the workplace, fueled by both a lack of knowledge regarding non-binary identity as well as gender-specific policies and practices. However, there are several actions that companies can take to counter this discrimination and ensure that non-binary employees feel that they belong in the workplace.

Join Out & Equal for the unveiling of our brand-new resource: “Best Practices for Non-Binary Inclusion in the Workplace.” This session will review the basics surrounding non-binary identity and key best practices, and dive into the lived experience of non-binary employees in the workplace. If your company wants to better understand how to support your non-binary employees—present and future—this webinar is for you.


October 2018

Intersex Awareness in the Workplace

Thursday, October 25 – 12:00pm Pacific

People with intersex traits—referring to “any range of characteristics that may not fit traditional conceptions about male or female bodies” (InterACT Advocates)—may encounter various forms of discrimination throughout their lives and in the workplace. Yet conversations around sex- or gender-based discrimination at work, especially in the United States, rarely take intersex issues into account. Ask yourself: how is your own company currently involved in this space?

Join Out & Equal for our first webinar focused exclusively on intersex issues in the workplace. Kimberly Zieselman, Executive Director of InterACT Advocates for Intersex Youth, will provide an overview of intersex issues and give insights on how these issues manifest in the workplace, while Debbie Cohen of GE Healthcare will then discuss how companies can better support their intersex employees, drawing from GE’s own experience in this area.

If your company is looking to expand its diversity initiatives to be inclusive of intersex employees and communities but is unsure where to start, this webinar is for you.

Kimberly Zieselman, Executive Director InterACT Advocates
Debbie Cohen, Sales Specialist, GE Healthcare

November 2017

Case Study: Global Pride@SAP

Thursday, November 16 – 10:00am Pacific

In recent years, multinational corporations have made great strides in adopting inclusive policies and programs regarding LGBT inclusion in the workplace. Many companies have taken the next step by developing LGBT ERG chapters around the globe. SAP’s Employee Network Group, Pride@SAP, which focuses on LGBT diversity for anyone regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, is one such group. Today, almost 10% of SAP’s worldwide internal workforce are members of Pride@SAP. Join leaders from SAP’s LGBT network group from North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific to discuss best practices for establishing successful global networks. Pride@SAP will address developing regional strategies, driving member engagement, and strengthening cooperation with the business to achieve social advocacy.

Mickey Gamboa, HR Senior Service Consultant, Pride@SAP APJ Regional Lead
Filipe Roloff, Customer Success Manager, Pride@SAP LAC Regional Lead
Björn Groneberg, Senior Project Consultant, Pride@SAP Germany Regional Lead
Chad Minnick, Client Marketing Manager, Pride@SAP USA Regional Lead
Miguel Castro, Senior Director, Lead for Culture & Identity
Niarchos Pombo, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Pride@SAP Global Lead
Arthur William Kastler, Global Pride@SAP Senior Project Manager, Pride@SAP EMEA/MEE Regional Lead
Rachel Ho, Product Marketing Manager, SAP Analytics; Lead of Pride@SAP Canada
Matthew Donovan, Enablement Executive, Pride@SAP USA Regional Lead
Natalia Rodriguez, Sales Executive, Pride@SAP Colombia Lead

August 2017

Fostering Millennial Engagement in LGBT Employee Resource Groups

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Research on millennial labor reveals three trends with enormous implications for future diversity and inclusion efforts: 1) millennials make up the largest percentage of the American workforce; 2) millennials are significantly more likely to identify as LGBT or to support LGBT equality than previous generations; and 3) millennials want to work for businesses that make a positive social impact. Taken together, these trends suggest that millennials would be heavily invested in corporate inclusion efforts, yet anecdotal evidence suggests that employee resource groups struggle to recruit and retain active millennial members. Given that millennials see business as a force for positive social change, how can employers tap into this generation’s strong desire to improve the world by aligning company objectives with their needs and priorities? Join Out & Equal for a conversation with millennial LGBT ERG leaders to discuss how companies can both attract millennial employees and successfully engage and mentor young ERG members.

Abigail Braceros, Global Pride Network Chair & IT Analyst 2, Intuit
Rhys McKinnon, Principal & Global Chair-LGBTI & Allies Business Resource Group, Mercer
Kevin England, PhD, Diversity & Inclusion Practitioner & Educator, Senior Consultant, Jennifer Brown Consulting

July 2017

Establishing and Growing LGBT Employee Resource Groups

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Since their inception, Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) helped create inclusive workplaces by connecting underrepresented groups. Today, successful ERGs and Business Resource Groups (BRGs) also support the businesses’ diversity & inclusion efforts and positively impact the company’s bottom-line. Join leaders from OutWest, Bank of The West’s LGBT employee resource group, as they share best practices, outline the key elements of a successful ERG strategy, and highlight opportunities to improve your impact. OutWest will be joined by leaders from LGBT employee resource groups at Comcast, First Data and Symetra for a panel discussion. Whether you are just establishing an ERG, need to revitalize your ERG or take the next step to becoming a BRG, this month’s town call will provide you with necessary insights and tools.

Justin Knepper, Vice President- Small Business Banking Program Manager, OUTWest Founder & Chair, Bank of the West
Abel Raposo, Assistant Vice President & Sales Program Officer, OUTWest Resource & Education Manager, Bank of the West
Hector Sanchez, Assistant Vice President- ACH Supervisor, OUTWest Program Manager, Bank of the West
Karen Feliciano, Vice President of Operations, Co-Head UNITY Coral Springs Chapter, First Data
Cecilia Isaacs-Blundin, Senior Director, Diversity & Inclusion, OUT ERG Co-Lead, Comcast
Desiree Zaccaria, Marketing Analyst, Vice President & Cofounder- Friends of Swifty, Symetra

April 2017

What’s the ROI for Health Benefits for Your Transgender Employees?

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Best practices for LGBT employee inclusion in the workplace includes health benefits for transgender employees who decide to undergo gender affirmation medical treatment to transition. Revising the benefits language is the first step to including these key benefits in your health plans. But why do these services matter and what is the value to the company and the transgender employee? What is the business case and how transformative are these steps they are for the individual? Join us for this town call as we talk about breaking down the barriers for the employer and provide the needed tools to have these discussions with the health plan administrator about covering services that go beyond the administrator’s internal medical policy. Find out about how companies have taken the effort and the impact of an  HR Benefit that  increases the recruiting, retention, promotion and engagement of transgender team members within your company. Whether you are just starting to plan adding transgender health benefits or want to review your current plan, please join us for this webinar!

Madeline B. Deutsch, MD MPH, Director, UCSF Transgender Care
Crystal Howard-Doliber, SVP,GHR Employee Relations, Bank of America
Michaela Mendelsohn, Activist, Businesswoman, Public Speaker Founder, TransCanWork – California Workplace Project (CTWP)
Dana Vandecoevering, Strategic External Partner Manager, Global Diversity & Inclusion Intel

March 2017

Stepping up to Global LGBT Monitoring

Thursday, March 30, 2017

More and more companies are finding that to change the workplace climate for LGBT and ally employees it is necessary to be able to allow employees to identify on all the dimensions of diversity.  One of the most significant trends in the workplace today is voluntary LGBT self-identification. In the 2016 Corporate Equality Index, 45% of the companies listed are using some form of self-ID through engagement/satisfaction surveys or confidential HR reporting. This month’s town call will look at how companies are adding this program and once in place, how to increase the outreach and impact on the workplace.  We will discuss the challenges on what questions to ask, considerations for global efforts and the impact of the data once it’s collected.

Kimberley Messer, IBM
Marina Williams, LMCO
Chris Crespo, EY
Tim Jarman, EY

2017 Workplace Summit Sponsor Call

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Learn about Out & Equal’s 2017 Workplace Summit sponsorship opportunities. We will share available levels and benefits, registration rate information and present ideas and options for maximum visibility and engagement.

February 2017

Engaging the Next Generation of LGBT Leaders in Your Workplace

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Whether you say Millennials, Gen Y or Gen Z, a whole new generation of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) and Ally employees are coming into the workplace in record numbers.  There have been numerous panels on work style, values and how our next gen is approaching the workplace but this webinar is designed to take a deeper dive into what young professionals are looking for from our existing Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) programs, especially our Employee/Business Resource Groups (ERG/BRGs). Join our panel to discuss not only the LGBTQ and Ally Millennial and Gen Z perspectives as employees but how our workplace D&I efforts can reach and engage on our next generation of leaders!

Dawn Prince-Cohee, Deutsche Bank
Shraddha Pai, Deutsche Bank
Paul von Wupperfeld, Texas Instruments

January 2017

What’s Next – Stepping into 2017 and LGBTQ Workplace Equality [No slides available]
Thursday, January 26, 2017
Ever since November, there has been a lot of discussion about LGBTQ rights in the United States and the new administration. The range of topics has included marriage equality, adoption, anti LGBTQ state bills limiting access and protections for transgender citizens, repealing the Affordable care Act, protections under Title VII and Title IX, conversion therapy and a rise in bullying and harassment/violence. Corporations and LGBT organizations are continuing to work to protect LGBTQ workplace rights Join our January Town Call to discuss what is happening with LGBTQ workplace equality, next steps and hear from some of our partners on their plans to continue supporting all their employees.
Janet Boyd, Director of Government Relations and Legislative Counsel, The Dow Chemical Company
Jeanne Goldberg, Senior Attorney Advisor, Office of Legal Counsel, US EEOC
Laura Durso, Vice President, LGBT Research and Communications Project Center for American Progress

November 2016

TDOR & Transition in Progress

Thursday, November 17, 2016

We will start this call with honoring those we lost to violence and observe the Transgender Day of Remembrance.  Then join EY and Microsoft for a discussion of a transition in progress that looks at the experiences of several professionals who are transitioning genders in a corporate environment. Learn about the change happening in corporate culture that honors diversity and can better respond to a new generation’s gender identities. We will explore what it is like to be trans* in a time where the spectrum of identities has increased visibility and requires everyone to acknowledge that there is more than just the binary. That transitioning is not only happening solely for the individuals but also their team members, Human Resources contact and executive leadership team. That everyone plays an important part in building an accepting and welcoming culture. You’ll hear the necessity of educated allies and what EY and Microsoft are doing to help foster a safe and supportive work environment. Come be a part of the change and join in the journey to creating a more authentic workplace.

September 2016

Marketing: How do we respond? Does my company sound LGBT?
Thursday, September 29, 2016

The recent events impacting the LGBT community from the Mexico City and Orlando shootings to the North Carolina law stripping us of rights and protections to live our lives have been at the top of news. Where do corporations fit in responding to these issues as credible allies in the corporate responsibility sector? Looking at public policy, have corporations found their voice and do they sound LGBT? How do we know if a company has become an advocate and how do they use that voice for change? Join Bob Witeck and our panel as they talk about how they are responding to these LGBT issues and how they felt they got it right. Evaluate your company’s LGBT voice and look at their processes and guidelines these companies used to respond quickly and definitively when events shake our world.

August 2016

Next steps for Employee/Business Resource Groups!

Thursday, August 25, 2016
Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) came into existence to support diversity efforts to reflect the changing workforce and marketplace, create inclusive environments and connect underrepresented groups in the workplace. They were designed to change workplace climate and have a positive effect on an organization. Then came Business Resource Groups (BRGs) that were designed to use the momentum gained from the ERG and move the focus to a stronger business focus. ERG/BRGs are growing beyond just an affinity group but how does this growth impact employees who don’t identify with the ERG/BRG or would be included in several, called intersectionality. Whether you are just starting out, need to revitalize your ERG or take the next step to becoming a BRG, this month’s town call will bring in those perspectives and let you share you work as we discuss tools, research and next steps toward LGBT workplace equality and engagement that serve the bottom line!

July 2016

What HR, D&I & Business Leaders need to know to support Transgender Employees
Thursday, July 28, 2016
Last year’s publication of the Workplace Gender Identity and Transition Guidelines has provided companies and organization with a clear path on creating transition teams and support for transgender employees. Many new companies are adding policies and benefits to their employee benefit packages and are striving to implement best practices. Join members of our Transgender Advisory Committee who will be able to provide more in-depth clarification on adding insurance benefits, customizing the transition guidelines for your business and understanding accommodations in the workplace. This town call is designed for Human Resource professionals as well as Employee/Business Resource Group members who advocate for change in their companies.

June 2016

Governance Model & Executive Sponsors–Key to a Successful BRG
Thursday, June 30, 2016
How can you ensure the success of your BRG? What can you do to make it credible, business aligned and supported right up to CEO level? The key is a strong Governance Model and solid engagement from active executive sponsors. Thomson Reuters is willing to share how they have used this framework to build and strengthen their BRG “Pride at Work” since its inception in 2010. Hear from the Global Leadership Team leading their BRG as well as their executive sponsors – they will explain how governance can be used as an enabler for your BRG credibility but also how essential it is to have committed executive sponsors acting as passionate ambassadors for your BRG.
Benoît Gallot, Regional Head of HR, EUROPE at Thomson Reuters

May 2016

Mentoring: The Next Step to Success!
Thursday, May 26, 2016
Everyone always talks about needing a mentor!  Mentoring starts with building strong professional relationships. Join our panel as they discuss mentoring for LGBT employees aspiring to promotion and career growth, for managers and execs seeking reverse mentoring to gain LGBT cultural competency and for companies advancing their LGBT inclusion efforts by working with other companies. Learn more about the various types of mentoring and best practices with concepts such as getting a Career Sponsor and how to create a network with other companies on a local, regional and national basis to share perspectives and experiences.
Rick J. Wilson, Director – Diversity & Inclusion at AT&T Services, Inc.
Clif Mathews, Accounting & Reporting Transformation Senior Manager at Deloitte

April 2016

Identifying and Mitigating LGBTQA Bias in our Workplace
Thursday, April 28, 2016
“Hidden” or “unconscious” bias is a topic that – while the concept has been around for quite some time – is finally getting a lot of attention within the workplace. There’s a growing number of studies today that show a link between hidden biases and our actual behavior. From hiring and promotion decisions to product and service locations and choices, people in the workplace are beginning to see how hidden biases are related to discriminatory behavior in a wide range of workplace interactions. This webinar will bring to light – in a safe and non-judgmental manner – the concept of our own hidden biases, especially as they relate to the LGBTQA community. We’ll see how you can start the conversation about hidden biases within your workplace; and you’ll leave with a list of strategies you can take back to your workplace on how to address and mitigate these hidden biases.
Dr. Steven Yacovelli, SweetRush

March 2016

The 2016 Workplace Summit Kick-Off!
Thursday, March 3, 2016
The 2016 Out & Equal Workplace Summit will be held in Orlando, Florida from October 5-7, with Leadership Day on Tuesday, October 4th. Find out about this year’s plans and how you and your company can be involved! The call will provide the planning details for your team, discuss the workshop proposal process, Outie awards and details on registration and housing.vWhether this is your first or tenth Summit this call provides you with the tools to create a value added experience!
Selisse Berry, Founder & CEO
Stephen Huey, Director of Corporate Engagement
Emily Odenberg, Sr. Events Manager
Daniel Lawrence Smith, Associate Director of Training
Rachel Rubin, Chief Development Officer
Arti Sharma, Corporate Engagement Manager

March 2016

GO GLOCAL! Adapting your ERG to Accommodate Growth and Success
Thursday, March 31, 2016
Is your ERG a victim of its own success? Have you grown from one scrappy and effective chapter to multiple national or global chapters that have their own priorities and compete for resources and attention? This workshop is designed as a practical discussion on how to develop, expand, and create an LGBT ERG that meets the needs of all stakeholders regardless of location, culture, or workforce make-up. Special focus on launching successful chapters outside of headquarters and internationally. Attendees will take away ideas about how to build an ERG that meets local employee and business needs as well as connects to broader enterprise goals and the global ERG community leveraging case studies and best practices from Dow Chemicals and NBC Universal.
Jayzen Patria, NBC Universal
Reginald Harwick, NBC Universal
Kristin Wygal, NBC Universal
Tlaca Benavides, Dow
Lisa Rhodes, Dow

February 2016

Voluntary Self Identification (Self ID) in the Global Workplace
Thursday, February 25, 2016
IBM and Citi will bring their expertise to this month’s Town Call to discuss how they have implemented Self ID within their respective organizations. They will provide insights on what stage they are at in the process and the successes and pitfalls they have seen along their different journeys. Stonewall will add their unique insight from a best practice perspective; and the webinar will facilitate discussion in relation to the subjects of regional and global implementation, benefits of key stakeholder buy-in prior to implementation, and demonstrates the importance and benefits of cross sector collaboration. If you are already working on changing workplace climate or are thinking of implementing Self ID, this Town Call will provide you the opportunity to ask questions and hear from those who are more advanced in the process.
Elizabeth Hook, Citi
Kimberly Marsh, Citi
Silvy Vluggen, IBM
Ulla Dalsgaard, IBM
Sarah Foster, Stonewall

January 2016

Focusing on LGBT Recruiting/Retention/Promotion [No slides available]
Thursday, January 28, 2016
In December 2015, a Community of Practice (CoP) came together to discuss the best practices for LGBT employee recruiting, retention and promotion (RRP).  The kickoff meeting for the CoP started a discussion that will continue during this month’s Town Call.  Find out why RRP is a critical next step for LGBT workplace inclusion across all sectors and be able to add in your perspectives.  Whether you an LGBT or ally employee, Employee Resource/Business Group member or leader, HR Professional or Executive, this discussion can help shape your current policies or affirm the work you are currently doing.
Daniel Lawrence Smith, Associate Director of Training and Professional Development – Moderator
Members of the RRP CoP


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