We are living through a moment of tremendous change. Right now – rocked by a global pandemic, heightened rates of racially-motivated hate crimes, and adapting to the evolving standards of Millennial and Gen Z workers – companies are rapidly shifting how they do this business.

The future of work will not be like the past. The future of work is changing.

Our theme for this year’s Out & Equal Workplace Summit is “The Future of Work.” We want to focus on how workplaces are changing and what Summit participants can do to impact that change for the greater good. After all, Summit draws LGBTQ employees and allies who are influencing some of the most powerful companies in the world.

What does a better vision for the Future of Work look like?

The Future of Work is Expansive. We know that far too many transgender, non-binary, and gender expansive identities are pressured to remain hidden at work. A study we recently released together with IBM found a remarkable 9% of business leaders, subject matter experts, and thought leaders do not feel that the gender they express at work matches their true gender identity. Gender is a continuum and always expanding. We can create workplaces where all gender identities have a seat at the table.

The Future of Work is Queer. In every emerging generation, we see more and more people who identify as LGBTQ. Gen X more than Boomers. Millennials more than Gen X. And as we’ve seen in study after study, that’s even more true for Gen Z, the youngest generation now entering the workforce. We’re also seeing that the younger generation is thinking more fluidly when it comes to sexuality and gender identity. (Some of those same studies show a sharp rise in the number of people who identify as Bi+ generation over generation)

The Future of Work is Intersectional, and LGBTQ leaders are uniquely positioned to make intersectionality a living, breathing part of an organization’s culture change work. LGBTQ people encompass every group traditionally found in DEI efforts – women, communities of color, people with varied abilities, and more. The varied identities that make us different are also what bring value, perspective, leadership, and cultures of belonging to a workplace.

And this list is just the start! We know that the Future of Work also needs to facilitate resiliency, authenticity, and thriving. It needs to be based on accountability, inclusiveness, and intersectionality. The Future of Work is also uncertain, but it’s up to each of us to do our parts, to be effective changemakers, so that we can realize our positive vision. The Future of Work depends on all of us.

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