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Erin Uritus

Erin Uritus is the CEO of Out & Equal, the worlds’ premier organization working exclusively on LGBTQ+ workplace equality. She first got to know Out & Equal in the early 2000s when she was an employee of Booz Allen, and was working to ensure that LGBTQ+ employees there felt welcomed at work. She went on to join the Out and Equal Board of Directors, co-found the Out & Equal DC Chapter Affiliate, and serve as Co-Chair for the Out & Equal Summit in 2007 before becoming Out & Equal’s CEO in 2018.

Her professional experience also includes work with the Department of Homeland Security, work for a major Middle East government in support of its efforts to restructure during the 2007 economic crash and subsequent “Arab Spring” revolutions. She is the co-author of a book about Change Management in government — published in both Arabic and English.

Erin has a Masters in Organization Development (OD) from American University, and two Masters certificates in Change Management and Performance Management from Johns Hopkins and Georgetown, respectively. She lives in Washington DC with her two children.


Global workplaces where all people are equal, belong, and thrive.


Out & Equal is the global convener, thought leader and catalyst actively working to achieve workplaces of equality and belonging - supporting LGBTQ+ employees and leaders who thrive in their careers and lives and achieve greater impact on the world.