“The Wake Up: How to Create Real DEI Transformation, A Conversation with Author, Michelle MiJung Kim, and Michelle Meow,” is part of the Intersectional Learning Series, part of Out & Equal’s larger Practitioners for Change program that’s powered by Capital One.  

As practitioners in the DEI space, we know that achieving lasting DEI change is hard work. You’ve probably had a conversation with someone who says, “I really want to be a good ally, but…” That “but” often leads to fears about saying or doing the wrong thing, or not doing or knowing enough to make a big impact. How can you respond in a way that supports, educates, and inspires that person to overcome their fear or insecurity and take action? Michelle Mijung Kim, CEO and Co-Founder of Awaken, and author of “The Wake Up: Closing the Gap Between Good Intentions and Real Change,” has answers.  

Join Michelle Meow (Producer and Host of the Michelle Meow Show) and Michelle MiJung Kim for a deep dive into what it takes to go beyond performative allyship to enact real transformation within ourselves and our organizations. Through her four key principles (grounding, orienting, showing up, and moving together) Michelle MiJung Kim will not only build up your own capacity for change-making, but give you the tools to inspire others to act, too. 

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