On May 4th, 2022 Out and Equal kicked off our Intersectional Learning Series, designed to help deepen practitioners’ understanding of, and competency in, key aspects of identity and equity. We explored the intersectionality of nonbinary identity (across age, race, education, and more), and discussed what you can do to continue to foster communities of belonging for nonbinary people. In this inaugural session, practitioners heard first-hand about the breadth of nonbinary experiences, the challenges of navigating a binary workforce, and best practices for creating a more inclusive culture. Our CEO, Erin Uritus, began the session with a powerful introduction, emphasizing the importance of including nonbinary identities and individuals in all of our diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts.  

Erin then asked our team members and nonbinary subject matter experts, CV Viverito (They/Them), Deputy Director of Global Programs & Stakeholder Engagement; Rebecca York (They/Them), Manager of Learning & Development; and Phoenix Durant (They/Them), Learning & Development Sr. Associate, about their own experiences with coming out as non-binary and what identity means to them.  

The discussion covered a range of topics including the history of nonbinary identities and the uniqueness of each nonbinary person’s experiences. Our panelists discussed common misconceptions about nonbinary people, and how we can work to better understand each other.  

“I allowed myself to step into the space of genuine freedom and wholeness that reinforces that nonbinary identities are valid and that also means that I get to be a witness for others who may feel erased or invisible in the workplace” -Phoenix Durant. 

Our team also spoke about best practices for companies looking to advance their nonbinary equity practices both in the United States and globally. They provided information on the basics of nonbinary inclusion and how we can further our allyship into real cultural change. “Filling in those gaps between policy and culture, that is really the next level of workplace inclusion” -CV Viverito. 

We welcome you to join us for our next Intersectional Learning Series Session: “Bringing Your Whole Self to Work”: Unpacking Covering and Intersectionality in the Workplace on Wednesday, May 11th, 2022, 3-4pm ET/ 12-1pm PT.