“Building Allyship, Building Action: Best Practices for Nonbinary Workplace Inclusion” is a part of the Intersectional Learning Series, part of Out & Equal’s larger Practitioners for Change program that’s powered by Capital One.  

Join Out & Equal’s subject matter experts for an in-depth conversation about nonbinary identity and the allyship actions that you can take to generate real, impactful change at your organization. Moderated by our CEO Erin Uritus, Building Allyship, Building Action is a conversation between Out & Equal’s own nonbinary subject matter experts: CV Viverito (They/Them), Deputy Director of Global Programs & Stakeholder Engagement; Rebecca York (They/Them), Manager of Learning & Development; and Phoenix Durant (They/Them), Learning & Development Sr. Associate. Our panelists (all of whom are nonbinary or expansive gender-identity subject matter experts) will explore the intersectionality of nonbinary identity (across age, race, education, and more), and learn what you can do to continue to foster communities of belonging for nonbinary people. In this inaugural session, practitioners will hear first-hand about the breadth of nonbinary experiences, the challenges of being nonbinary and navigating a binary workforce, and best practices for creating a more inclusive culture.