“Bringing your Whole Self to Work: Unpacking Covering & Intersectionality in the Workplace” is a part of the Intersectional Learning Series, part of Out & Equal’s larger Practitioners for Change program that’s powered by Capital One.  

“Bring your whole self to work” is a phrase you’ve likely heard time and again in DEI spaces. But what does it really mean in practice? Join Out & Equal’s Senior Director of Learning and Development, Isabel Porras, to learn how to turn this vague call to action into a real, tangible practice. The secret? It starts with learning more about our identities, and the ways they interact with the spaces and people around us. Practitioners will develop a greater understanding of their own dimensions of diversity, learn what “intersectionality” is, and expand their own change-making capacities through interactive and dynamic group exercises. Participants will also learn how to start facilitating these conversations internally, so that everyone feels empowered to bring their whole selves to work. 

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