In its ruling released this morning, the Supreme Court held that the city of Philadelphia could not enforce its rules barring discrimination against an LGBTQ couple that wanted to adopt a child. At the same time, it held that there is no constitutional right to discriminate.

“This decision is painful because the discrimination at the heart of this case is being allowed to stand,” said Erin Uritus, CEO of Out & Equal Workplace Advocates.

“At the same time, the Court is saying that there is no broad right to discriminate, that the government can enforce nondiscrimination laws. This principle aligns with public opinion, basic decency, and the views of business leaders. Business leaders overwhelmingly fall on the side of equality because it’s the right thing and because of how it supports their bottom line. That is why from the amicus brief in this case, to the Equality Act to state houses nationwide, the business community is one of the most vocal advocates for equality.”