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Out At Work Selfie Videos!

Show us your #OutAtWork Selifes!

For Out & Equal’s 2017 Workplace Summit, we’re compiling video testimonials of what it means to be #OutAtWork to youFor reference, view our previous #OutAtWork selfie video below.

All you need is 60 seconds! On your next lunch break or commute, grab your phone, tablet or webcam and make a short video (selfie-style) sharing your experience as an LGBT person or ally in the workplace. Out & Equal will review submissions and they may be used in the final video compilation played at the 2017 Workplace Summit in Philadelphia.


Please email your selfie videos to Maddison LeRoy, mleroy@outandequal.org

Video submission deadline: Thursday, August 31st

Guidelines & tips for taking the best selfie:

  1. Make sure you are well lit and your background does not include anything you do not want the world to see!
  2. Center yourself in the middle of the screen and ensure that the camera only sees from around mid-waist or higher.
  3. Find a quiet spot to record. We want to see you, but we also need to hear you!
  4. Once you start recording, begin by saying your full name and spell it. We will edit this out for the final video. 
  5. If you use a mobile device, please film yourself horizontally, not vertically.
  6. Please title the video with your first and last name and where you are located. Example: SelisseBerry_SanFrancisco


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Out & Equal is the global convener, thought leader and catalyst actively working to achieve workplaces of equality and belonging - supporting LGBTQ+ employees and leaders who thrive in their careers and lives and achieve greater impact on the world.