Building Bridges toward LGBT Diversity (2016)(RECORDED)


This is a three part self-paced, recorded webinar that is open to everyone and serves as the foundation for all Out & Equal Core and Advanced courses. The Building Bridges Course is also the pre-requisite to the LGBT Diversity Leadership Train the Trainer Certification course.

The Building Bridges Toward LGBT Cultural Competency recorded webinar series is a three-part training course conducted by certified Out & Equal trainers. This program can target senior executives, managers, human resources and diversity professionals, customer service representatives and the general employee population. Although based in corporate training, instructors have also worked with social services, faith communities, governmental and educational settings, and provide relevant examples based on the course attendees.

The course is designed to help employers get the most from all employees. This training fosters increased awareness to develop a healthier and safer workplace where all employees are engaged in the mission of the organization, increasing the level of comfort for all and improving communication between LGBT and straight employees and the customers they serve.


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