June 4, 2019


Out & Equal is honored to be partnering with MOD for the month of June.


Going beyond diversity and inclusion to build a culture of true belonging where everybody can thrive is a big part of our agenda at Out & Equal. This is a value that MOD’s leadership shares, as you can see from the letter below. We’re very glad to be partnering with them, and we’re also thankful that they gave us permission to share this letter which they circulated to their team.


This is what belonging should look like!

Hi MOD Squad!

At MOD we are focusing the month of June as a time to shine light on and take pride in what we feel makes MOD, MOD – our people. Pride for us is more than just celebrating equality & inclusion – it’s about taking these values to the next level and creating a place where all people truly feel a sense of belonging. That’s why we are thrilled to announce the launch of our partnership with Out & Equal – the world’s leading non-profit organization for LGBTQ workplace equality.

When we talk about the MOD journey, we talk about the road from acceptance, hope, opportunity to gratitude – a journey we hope to provide for every MOD Squad Member and customer who steps through our doors.

For us, it starts with acceptance. We like to say, “Come as you are” and “individuality with responsibility.” But we also believe that hiring a diverse work force and being inclusive may not always be enough. We want to go that extra mile to create a place people feel they belong – a safe and welcoming place that connects people, not divides people, that treats everyone with respect, dignity and equality no matter their appearance, their gender, or their sexual identity.

Just as we have with our other amazing impact partners – JED, Generosity Feeds, Best Buddies – we work to find organizations that can take our desire for doing good and help us do it better. Out & Equal is exactly that, a partner that knows how to help companies create workplaces that make all employees feel a sense of belonging. So, we could think of nothing sweeter than helping support their great work with the sales of our Pride No Name Cakes during the month of June. We will be sending you all the information you need to activate this promotion in your store in the coming days.

In turn, Out & Equal will provide us with important on-going training and development resources to support the entire MOD Squad. To understand why this partnership is so important, please take a look at Out & Equal’s 2019 Workplace Equity Factsheet. Additional resources will be made available to all in early June.

As we celebrate Pride, we are also celebrating you! Thank you for helping provide a place of belonging for all MODs and our customers. Thank you for accepting, honoring and living the MOD values. You matter, MOD matters, being Out & Equal matters!

MOD on,

Ally & Scott