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Leadership Day: Monday, October 9th

Leadership Day is a unique opportunity to develop in-depth expertise, increase professional development and enhance best practices for you and your organization. Participants can choose to attend either a full-day session, or two half-day sessions. Click on a session to view the workshops in each.

Full-Day Seminars: 9 AM – 5 PM

Morning Seminars: 9 AM – 12:30 PM

Afternoon Seminars: 1:30 PM – 5 PM

Full-Day Seminars | 9AM – 5 PM

Leadership Development for your ERGs Early Years

Understanding and developing the key elements of a successful framework to build and grow an Employee Resource Group (ERG) is the focus of this seminar. Leaders of OUTWest, Bank of the West’s LGBT employee resource group, will explore why it is important to expect business relevance and business results from your ERG, and review the key elements that should be in your strategy. We’ll go beyond awareness and look at how you build in accountability through communication, content development, internal/external resources, and positioning statements that impact everyone from top executives to frontline employees. We will also look at ways to respond to common challenges from existing ERG members, executive sponsors and other employees, and provide you with a variety of templates, timelines and processes that are adaptable in any business environment.

Global Leadership in LGBT Diversity & Inclusion

An all-day workshop focused on the key issues facing companies in achieving global LGBT workplace equality. The workshop is topic-driven and includes discussions on the state of the global LGBT movement, implementing global best practices in challenging environments for LGBT people, establishing and expanding ERGs internationally, the latest findings from global surveys, and strategies for engaging allies, champions and local LGBT employees in your efforts. The workshop is designed for people who work on or are interested in the advancement and achievement of LGBT workplace equality globally and includes global corporate representatives sharing best practices from HR, Diversity & Inclusion and employee resource groups. See the full day’s schedule here.

LGBT Diversity & Inclusion Leadership in the Government Sector 

Designed specifically for government employees, this seminar brings together different federal agencies to share best practices on promoting LGBT inclusion and equality at work, including strategies for securing agency- and department-level support, developing business plans, improving LGBT recruitment efforts, and strengthening special emphasis programs.

Morning Seminars | 9 AM – 12:30 PM

Leadership in BRGs and Advanced ERGs: Progressing to Greater Business Impact

One of the biggest avenues to advancing LGBT talent and equality in the workplace is through Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). What began as organic communities of like individuals has blossomed into expert networks on LGBT-inclusive policies and practices that are also growing and developing the next generation of LGBTA talent, as well as beginning to measure their success in business terms.  As they’ve matured, they’ve needed to develop strategies that resonate with the business, moving beyond the reputation many networks have of being focused mainly on “food, fun, and famous people”.  JBC developed the ERG Progression Model℠ to accelerate this maturity journey, providing a framework that makes visible the growth phases of development.  In this interactive session, Jennifer Brown and Kevin England of JBC, joined by Michael Lopez, Director, CEO Programs and Director, Global Inclusion and Diversity at Arconic, will facilitate the group through the model, discussing goals, measurement and business impact at each stage for LGBT networks, specifically, and enabling the sharing of best practices across multiple companies in the audience.

Leadership Development for Allies and Advocates 

Drawing on national research, this Out & Equal University course highlights how being in the closet negatively impacts LGBT colleagues and emphasizes ways in which to be an ally in order to mitigate the negative effect of the closet. Taking an intersectional approach, the session highlights dimensions of allyship— how straight people can be allies to LGBT people, how LGB people can be better allies to trans people, etc. Through interactive exercises and group discussions, participants will gain an understanding of allyship and learn concrete ways in which to be allies at work.

LGBT Recruitment, Development, and Promotion 

As more and more companies develop LGBT-specific recruitment strategies, employers are also seeking clear ways to retain and promote top employees. Join leaders from HP’s diversity, talent development, and Business Impact Network teams as they explain how recruitment, retention and promotion are critical next steps for LGBT workplace inclusion. Whether you are LGBT or an ally, an ERG member or leader, HR professional or executive, this seminar can help shape your current policies and identify successful strategies.

Building Leadership Around Transgender Employees and Customers

Conversations about transgender people have reached international levels and the discussion in the public forum is often negative. How does a business provide a setting to foster recognition and provide a growth environment for its transgender employees? How does it respect and retain its transgender customers and their allies who are not just individuals but businesses, municipalities, and government agencies? How does a business address possible conflict within its own organization? Join members of Out & Equal’s Transgender Advisory Committee as they share best practices for building leadership internally and externally in your organization. Discussion will cover internal policies as well as external regulations/laws that can impact business outcomes. Discussion will also cover how a business should respond to public policies and laws.

Afternoon Seminars | 1:30 PM – 5 PM

Developing an Ally Engagement Strategy

As employers seek better ways to engage with LGBT allies, many develop ally engagement programs meant to increase visibility and participation. Does your organization have an Ally Program that feels like it’s in a rut? Are your allies visible, but unsure of how to engage, or what to do? Are your LGBT teammates able to engage with your Ally Program? Join Aimee Broadhurst, co-leader and Shy Goldstein, technology lead of Bank of America’s LGBT Pride Ally program as they share the keys to a successful ally engagement program and discuss how using technology, game thinking and education can help increase visibility and engagement of allies and out at work employees across the globe.

Unconscious Bias for Leaders in the Workplace

We are the product of our environment and are shaped by its influences at an unconscious level. At times, we may not be aware of how our actions and words impact those who don’t share our experiences. This seminar will explore unconscious bias and its impact on our daily lives and interpersonal behavior. We will develop tools to create a more inclusive environment, increase your ERG/BRG’s impact in the workplace, and to combat biases in the workplace. This seminar will also help us understand the intersections and impact of unconscious bias with other communities, specifically bisexual, transgender, female and people of color communities.

LGBT and Ally Leaders Navigating the Changing National Climate 

After the historic gain of same sex marriage equality in all 50 states, the achievement of full LGBT rights and equality remains at the forefront of various local, state, and federal public policy debates. From religious based discrimination to prohibitive access to public facilities by transgender people, and more, corporate leadership has emerged as an especially key voice in the debate. This session will present on the status of these policy movements, and explore the challenges and best practices for engaging corporate and business interests in emerging LGBT concerned public policy debate.

The New Normal: Trans Inclusivity in the Workplace 

TransCanWork, Transgender Economic Empowerment Program and Bank of America team up to offer a seminar focused on “The New Normal – Transgender Inclusivity in the Workplace”. In this seminar, we will share innovative strategies and best practices for creating welcoming spaces for TGNC employees (and clientele).  This seminar, led by Michaela Mendelsohn of TransCanWork; Drian Juarez of the LA LGBT Center; Crystal Howard-Doliber of Bank of America; and Dana Vandecoevering and Brad Stevens of Intel, will give businesses insight on the newest laws and regulations while increasing the bottom line.

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