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Building Bridges in Jackson, Mississippi

March 8, Jackson, Mississippi

2:00 – 7:00 PM

@ Jackson Marriott, E Amite Street

Mississippi town call no copy

Out & Equal would like to invite you and your employees to our Building Bridges training in Jackson, Mississippi on March 8th, 2018—completely free and open to all!

What is Building Bridges?

Out & Equal’s Building Bridges training is a foundational cultural competency course that introduces participants to issues impacting LGBTQ employees and helps develop tools to create a more inclusive workplace climate. Ensure your employees in Mississippi have the resources they need to understand and support their fellow LGBTQ workers by encouraging them to attend this unique training opportunity.

Building Bridges Seminar (2:00-5pm)
Through dynamic, interactive exercises and group discussions, participants will familiarize themselves with key concepts including birth/assigned sex, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation. As part of Out & Equal’s efforts to increase awareness and commitment to a culture of diversity and inclusion, this half-day session will also provide participants with the foundation for what it means to be an LGBT ally and the ways in which LGBTQ inclusion positively impacts the workplace through acceptance, enhanced teamwork, communication, and cultural competence.

Who Should Attend:

ERG Leaders
D&I Leaders
HR Stakeholders
Frontline workers
Any employee that needs critical training addressing LGBTQ Issues

Why is this important?

Anti-LGBTQ social and political culture creates a harmful climate for LGBTQ employees in Mississippi. In fact, the recent implementation of House Bill 1523 grants individuals and private organizations the right to deny medical care, including transition-related care and mental healthcare, as well as marriage-related goods and services.
It is critical that your stakeholders in Mississippi receive training on LGBTQ issues in order combat policies like these and ensure healthy and LGBTQ inclusive work environments. For additional questions related to Building Bridges training, please contact us at university@outandequal.org.

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