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How Younger Generations are Approaching LGBTQ Workplace Issues Around the World

December 12, 2018

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This webinar will focus on three young professionals who are working to advance LGBTQ-inclusive initiatives in workplaces in Latin America and India.  We will examine their leadership efforts and impact, contextualized within the fact that societal views towards LGBTQ issues in general are shifting in a rapidly globalizing world.  We will discuss their successes, obstacles they have encountered and how they are obtaining company approval to shape a workplace they are proud of.

Join us on December 12th at 10:30AM EST 

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Presenters: Thania Blanco Cruz – Coatings and Construction Product Manager, Latin America GLAD Leader (The Dow Chemical Company)

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Thania Blanco is Product Manager at Dow for the Coatings and Construction Business and has been recently named Latin America Leader for GLAD, Dow’s LGBT and allies employee resource group. Thania has a bachelor degree on Industrial Engineer from the University of Los Andes in Colombia and has developed several roles for the past 8 years inside Dow. In 2015, she founded the Andean Region GLAD chapter, and since then has been committed to work for D&I issues inside and outside the company, in 2017 along with other nine organizations and several allies, founded Pride Connection Colombia, the first corporate network in the country committed with the inclusion of LGBT+ people in the workplace, now with more than 22 member companies.

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Neelam Jain – Founder & CEO (PeriFerry)

A 24-year-old Social Entrepreneur, one of the first things you notice about Neelam is how young she is, but the passion and drive to build an inclusive society, was always deeply ingrained. It was this passion that a corporate cell couldn’t contain. After two years of working with Goldman Sachs, she founded PeriFerry, a social enterprise that augments better livelihood and social standing for transgender persons in India through employment, entrepreneurship and upskilling. Her target is to reach the 1 crore transgender population in India, and to do this, despite the unthinkable setbacks in this space, she stands firm in her conviction.

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Tiago Marinho – Customer Success (Salesforce Brasil)

Tiago is responsible for Customer Success & Adoption Marketing at Salesforce and was one of Out & Equal’s 2018 Global Fellows. He also leads his local Employee Resource Group “One Ohana Brasil”. Tiago is dedicated to promoting inclusion and equality in workplace through building allyship and empathy.


CV Viverito (Moderator)
CV is the Global Initiatives Manager at Out & Equal Workplace Advocates, where they manage the international programs aimed at advancing LGBTQ equality in the workplace. Previously, CV was a programs manager with the LGBTQ Victory Institute where they worked with local partners to organize political leadership trainings for LGBTQ leaders, civil society forums, and regional conferences across the Balkans, India, Latin America and the Caribbean, and South Africa. With 8 years of experience in the field of LGBTQ rights, both domestically and abroad, they bring a dedicated passion for creating change through an intersectional community-driven framework.


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