I was doing my first interview after accepting the position as Out & Equal’s new CEO when the reporter asked me why I wanted to do this work. After we talked about my core belief in equality, that we need all hands-on deck to succeed, that I am inspired by so many of you—I got to the heart of what brought me here — I want my two young daughters to be proud of me.

When I look into my children’s hopeful eyes, I want them to experience a world that is different than ours—better than ours, but I also want them to create that world. That desire- that the world be better both for them and because of them- is what drives nearly everything I do at home, at work, and in every corner of my life. And that was why I was so touched by this beautiful letter written by my friend and Out & Equal board member, Amy Hannemen.

I was deeply touched by this moving tribute Amy wrote to her own children and I’m grateful that she agreed to let me share it with you.

Earlier this week the Senate unanimously voted to let Senators (inspired by Senator Duckworth) bring their infant children to the Senate floor. I cannot recall a time when our Senate has fully agreed on anything but it brings such joy to my heart that they can agree on this.

Amy captures the importance of this beautifully- if we are to raise the next generation of fierce allies, of brave authentic leaders, of equality bearers- we must tell them why we’re doing this ourselves.

I hope you are as inspired and touched by Amy’s letter as I am—and I hope to all of you who are reading this who have any children in your lives – your own or in your extended community– will open your heart to these young people and share with them why you do this work and why you hope they will join you one day.

Read Amy’s Letter Here