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Elevating Voices: Transgender Awareness Month

Elevating Voices: Transgender Awareness Month is a series of interviews, experiences, and stories from the transgender and gender non-conforming community. The series is beginning during Transgender Awareness Week – a crucial time to uplift the stories and voices of the trans/GNC community – and will continue in other facets of our work.

Aro Royston, Boeing, He/Him/His

Read Aro’s Story

Monique Evans, Wells Fargo, She/Her/Hers

REad Monique’s Story

Victor Lim, Bank of America, He/Him/His

Read Victor’s story

Ethan Alexander, Microsoft, He/Him/His

Read Ethan’s story

Alex Dropp, Bank of America, They/Them/Theirs

Read Alex’s story

Kaleb Hall, Toyota Manufacturing, He/Him/His

Read Kaleb’s Story


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