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Building ERG/BRG Value

Thank you for enrolling in the Out & Equal Workplace Advocates Building ERG/BRG Value online course. This page provides you with all the materials you will need to complete the course.

Each session has a podcast recording (.mp4) which provides the recording of the live webinar and slides, the slide deck for the session and any handouts.  If you would prefer to just listen to the lecture portion and not view the podcast, the audio link (.mp3) is also included.

The courses can be taken in any order but are designed to start with Part 1 and continue through each section. When you complete the course, you can contact Pat Baillie, Director of Training, to answer any questions or to discuss next steps.

Part 1
Podcast ||  Building ERG/BRG Value
PDF || Building ERG/BRG Value – Slides
Audio || Building ERG/BRG Value – Audio

Thanks for taking this Out & Equal University Course.  When you complete the work, contact Pat Baillie to receive course credit or if you have any questions!


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