Indian workplaces are rapidly changing, especially in terms of cultivating internal cultures of belonging for LGBTQI+ and other diverse segments. While the striking down of Section 377 of the Indian penal code finally decriminalized same-sex relations two years ago, the momentum for progress predates that milestone and is at its strongest now!

In its 3rd year as  a leading LGBTQI+ workplace inclusion conference in India, the 2020 Out & Equal India Forum brought together LGBTQI+ and ally professionals from Indian and multinational companies on December 11th. We were delighted to once again partner with Pride Circle and Interweave Consulting in the planning of the forum.

Beginning with a dynamic executive panel of out and ally leaders, this year’s forum kicked off with a wide-ranging conversation on visibility, challenges to being an out leader, and necessary culture change. Additional cutting-edge workshop sessions focused on mental health, ERG succession planning, and everyday allyship. Hundreds of participants throughout the country and across all industries participated in this forum and will no doubt bring these back to their organizations.

For too long in India, we’ve waited for equality and mainstream recognition both as individuals and as a community. First there was the fear of Article 377, and now the Covid Pandemic. An event like this at a time like this, just goes to show we need wait no more. It’s time for inclusion, acceptance and embracing the LGBTQI community as a productive force in our workplaces and societies. – Amit Mahatney, TFE International Limited

Looking forward to 2021, Out & Equal will continue to work with our partners in India to develop resources, pursue thought leadership, and plan next year’s forum! We already can’t wait for next year’s 2021 LGBTQI+ India Forum!

Highlights from the day:

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