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Black History Month: Elevating Voices

Black History Month is a significant time to elevate the stories, voices, and experiences of the Black community. This month is an opportunity to pause from our routines and really see and value the contributions of Black Americans. Out & Equal is committed to elevating the profile of members of our community who have diverse intersectional identities.

Toni Barrington, Compliance Analyst, U.S., Canada, Mexico (she/her)

“In Corporate America, having a mentor is equivalent to having a personal advocate. They can show you how to maneuver through systems and challenges, which is very important for the Black community because we didn’t create the systems that are in place. Our parents didn’t create the systems in place. Our grandparents didn’t create the systems in place. Black people have had to maneuver these systems created by white people forever. Mentors are crucial in helping teach underrepresented communities how to network, negotiate, meet people, and succeed in the workplace.” – Toni Barrington

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Chris Mossiah, Vice President of Digital Platforms, (they/them)

“Black History Month to me is also Black pride. We’re in a new era where we are raising our children to see their skin as beautiful and their hair as beautiful and their features as beautiful, but it wasn’t always like that. We are teaching our children that Black pride should be 24/7, 365 days a year. Black history should be the same.” – Chris Mossiah

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