We all remember the magic of Summit – inspirational storytelling, D&I insight, and a newfound sense and dedication to belonging in the workplace. We want to keep the momentum of that transformative energy of Summit in the New Year. And we could not think of a better way than to revisit the powerful keynote by Amber Hikes on intersectional allyship calling us “to weaponize our privilege in service of those more marginalized.”

Without Further Ado, Here are Three Ways to Practice Intersectional Allyship in 2019:

1. Interrogate Your Surroundings: “Examine who’s at the table, but most importantly, who’s not. Representation matters.”

amber 1

2. Signal Boost: “This practice does 3 things: It credits the original author of the idea. It keeps the idea on the table. And most importantly, it lets the other person know they have an ally in the room”

Examples: I really liked what ______ had to say; I want to go back to _______’s point.

amber 2

3. Calling In, Not Out: : “As we have challenging conversations it’s important to approach people in a way that they hear us.”

amber 3

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