The message of inclusion is central to our work at Out & Equal. We know that diversity is the cornerstone of any organization’s success. Since 1996, we’ve been working closely with our partners to ensure that their workplaces are inclusive & welcoming & diverse & supportive & empowering to LGBT employees.


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Our new logo communicates what Out & Equal stands for today. We wanted a logo that reflects our close relationships with our global corporate partners while emphasizing our mission to achieve diversity & inclusion in every workplace. That is why we have focused on the image of the ampersand: a mark that is simple in its message of unity & partnership.

In honor of our 20th year working towards LGBT equality, our new mark represents our ongoing commitment to inclusion. When LGBT employees are allowed to be our authentic selves at work, it resonates throughout our lives and helps to create change. The new ampersand symbol represents the power of diversity. It represents the power to change the world when we are included & allowed a seat at the table.

Our identities are never singular. We are more than just our jobs. We are spouses & siblings & friends & children & parents. We are artists & thinkers & doers & achievers. We are gay & lesbian & bisexual & transgender & allies. These are the things we bring with us to work every day.

As we join together for the 2016 Workplace Summit in Orlando, it is more important than ever that we have the ability to join together in unity & solidarity as a diverse community. The tragedy at Pulse nightclub during Pride month was a heartbreaking reminder of all the work that still must be done to ensure that LGBT people have safe spaces to be their authentic selves. We believe that this work begins with inclusion: when one person reaches out and ensures that you & I are in this together.

Selisse Berry

Founder & Chief Executive Officer