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A Celebration of Strength, Resilience, and Unity

Across the United States and around the globe, there is an active effort to erase LGBTQ+ people. This includes incendiary rhetoric and the introduction of hundreds of bills and efforts to restrict the rights and freedoms of LGBTQ+ people—with a specific and bigoted focus towards transgender and nonbinary people.

This year’s Workplace Summit theme, “We Are,” represented a reclamation and reissue of the LGBTQ+ community’s historic rallying cry of “we’re here, we’re Queer…” and underscored the critical moment in which the event took place. Through speeches, collaborative learning sessions, and engaging conversations, “We Are” served as a reminder of the strength, resilience, and unity of the LGBTQ+ community.

Learn all about the 2023 Workplace Summit below or download a pdf version of the retrospective.

The largest LGBTQ+ workplace inclusion event in the world

Bringing together a global community for opportunities to knowledge share, network, and build lasting relationships that drive meaningful change.

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Game-changing discussions with the world’s leading companies, influencers, and advocates

Our programming not only celebrated diversity, equity, inclusion, and belongingness but also provided a platform for meaningful discussions and tangible actions to advance LGBTQ+ rights and well-being. By fostering an environment of empathy, empowerment, and allyship, our impactful programming of 100+ main stage events, panels, and interactive workshops over 4 days inspired positive change within the workforce and beyond.

“I wish my company would send a larger group to Out & Equal Workplace Summit. Bringing our knowledge learned at Summit back to the workplace is truly priceless.”

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Some of the world’s leading and most influential companies including our Titanium Partners, Apple, Bank of America, Dell, Deloitte, Experian, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Uber, The Walt Disney Company, and Wells Fargo, engaged in discussions and activations, placing LGBTQ+ representation, inclusion, and equity at the forefront. This extraordinary gathering also featured influential voices and advocates like Alok (they/them), Carson Tueller (he/him), and Laverne Cox (she/her), among others, who delivered inspiring and thought-provoking remarks, leaving an indelible mark on the event.

“This was the first time I heard about Summit and I am so glad to have experienced the conference. I love everything Out & Equal has done to promote DEI initiatives.”

Laverne Cox (she/her)
Carson Tueller (he/him)
Netta (she/her)
L-R: Lea Delaria (she/her), Brandon Wolf (he/him), Jean-Marie Navetta (she/her)

Recognizing Impact & Elevating Role Models 

For more than 20 years, the Outie Awards have recognized and celebrated individuals, organizational initiatives, and ERGs as role models for advancing measurable and lasting equity and belonging for LGBTQ+ people in the workplace, and beyond.

At the Workplace Summit Closing Gala, Out & Equal announces Outie Award winners, which include individuals, ERGs, and corporate initiatives advocating, driving, and setting the standard for LGBTQ+ equity and DEIB practices.

Learn About the Winners

Building Community

Workplace Summit not only provides an opportunity to learn and share best practices related to LGBTQ+ workplace equity and belonging, it’s a space to build meaningful and lasting connections. From our Engagement Center to Community Engagement Groups, receptions and celebrations of Queer joy, community is a core tenet of Summit.

An Engagement Center designed to elevate the commitment and work of our Partner community to advancing LGBTQ+ representation, inclusion, and equity.

Community Engagement Groups ranging from Bi+, to Trans/Nonbinary, to LGBTQ+ Faith, for people to maintain and grow connections and relationships with professionals of like-identities, share common challenges and strategies, and inspire each other through individual stories.

Summit Buddy Program connects individuals to learn more about one another, share goals, and visions of the workplace they want to create, and process the Summit experience.

Team building activities to foster greater innovation, collaboration, and impact.

Night Out! A celebration of Queer joy and an opportunity to be our authentic selves and create connections that last a lifetime.

“I am pretty sure I felt every single emotion I have during this Summit. I felt a sense of belonging that I have rarely felt. I was not ashamed or nervous or anxious to be myself. I was reflecting and normally in large groups or spaces with a lot of people I am usually extremely anxious and I did not feel an ounce of anxiety the entire Summit. It was an incredibly freeing feeling. I was very sad to see the end of the Summit. But I made friendships and connections that I will cherish forever”

Enhancing Online Connectivity

Our attendees and online followers are not only seeing our content, but are interacting with it and sharing their personal stories.

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Download The Summit Retrospective


2024 Out & Equal Workplace Summit—

October 7-10

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