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2022 Workplace Summit ERG of the Year Outie Award

Outie Awards (the “Outies”) recognize individuals and organizations who are leaders in advancing equality for LGBTQ+ people in workplaces globally. Outies are awarded at the annual Out & Equal Workplace Summit.

This award recognizes a particular Employee Resource Group (ERG) that has a proven track record of success. A top contender will be an ERG that is continuously elevating best practices, implementing intersectional and collaborative programming with other ERGs, and advocating for LGBTQ+ equality in its workplace.

The 2022 ERG of the Year Outie Award finalists are below The winner will be announced at the 2022 Workplace Summit happening October 17-20th in Las Vegas!


Lockheed Martin: PRIDE LGBTQIA+ Professional Network

Lockheed Martin’s PRIDE LGBTQIA+ Professional Network is a Business Resource Group (BRG) that has partnered and worked with key functions within the organization to advance LGBTQ+ inclusion and awareness across the company. Lockheed Martin held the first company PRIDE Awards in 2021 to showcase the BRG’s impact across the company and ensure individual recognition. This year, the BRG led efforts to produce a video series titled “Call Me By My Name” featuring a transgender person of color to show how individuals can overcome biases that keep them from fully embracing others. For the past 10 years, PRIDE has organized an annual LGBTQIA+ Leadership Forum which offers networking opportunities, engagement with top leaders in the company, and exposure to the company’s strategic focuses. 

Dow Chemical: GLAD

Established in 2000, Dow’s LGBTQ+ and allies ERG, GLAD, continues to transform workplaces through efforts and initiatives that create meaningful change in the workplace and globally. GLAD has participation from over 5,000 members in 28 countries. GLAD led Dow’s efforts to create Transgender Internship Programs in Brazil and Argentina to help connect trans and nonbinary talent to the company. The ERG has an ongoing partnership with Dow’s Government & Public Affairs team in several countries, including Brazil, Thailand, and Taiwan, to give employees tools to lobby and speak out against anti-LGBTQ+ public policy and governments. Dow’s 10 ERGs come together for the annual emERGe conference, which brings active ERG members from more than 30 countries for a week-long event focusing on building cultures of inclusion and influencing strategic planning throughout the company.  

Deutsche Bank: dbPride Americas’

DbPride Americas’ impact on the push for LGBTQ+ inclusion at Deutsche Bank is a product of 20+ years of advocating and executing on a strategy of inclusion. From an initial meeting of closeted employees in New York in 1997, to an established chapter in a global organization, the group has had an incredible impact on Deutsche Bank. Db Americas’ theme for Pride 2022, “Celebrating Queer Spaces”, reflects the group’s commitment to promoting safe spaces and visibility for LGBTQ+ employees within the company. The ERG has a strong commitment to advancing LGBTQ+ inclusion for the broader community with more than 75% of dbPride Americas’ events being open to the community and more than half of the events in partnership with local non-profits. dbPride Americas’ hosted the first-ever Global Summit, which brought together ERG leaders across 10 countries for professional development and strategic planning.  


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