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2022 Workplace Summit Ally Changemaker Outie Award

Outie Awards (the “Outies”) recognize individuals and organizations who are leaders in advancing equality for LGBTQ+ people in workplaces globally. Outies are awarded at the annual Out & Equal Workplace Summit.

This award recognizes an Ally who has made a significant contribution to advancing LGBTQ+ workplace equality. This person is an action-oriented change maker. They uplift the voices of marginalized groups, have shown a unique commitment to LGBTQ+ workplace rights, and have used their talents to further that cause, even if at some risk.

The 2022 Ally Changemaker of the Year Outie Award finalists are below The winner will be announced at the 2022 Workplace Summit happening October 17-20th in Las Vegas!


Mukesh Batra (he/him), Senior Vice President, Bank of America  

Mukesh Batra is a Senior Vice President at Bank of America and is a leader of the India Global Business Services (GBS) LGBTQ+ chapter. Mukesh launched the GBS LGBTQ+ chapter in India in 2018 and has grown the network to over 4,000 members. He has created a more inclusive workplace for LGBTQ+ employees by implementing gender neutral restrooms, same-sex partner benefits, gender transition guidelines, and LGBTQ+ training sessions for employees. Mukesh works to dismantle discrimination based on religion, caste system, gender identity, sexual orientation, and more by using his position as a leader and LGBTQ+ ally to create a culture of belonging from the top down. He has a passion to learn, focuses on understanding the issues faced by the LGBTQ+ community, and commits to action-oriented allyship.  

Sean Fan (he/him), Partner, Chairman of Goldman Sachs Gao Hua Securities Company Limited, Co-head of China Investment Banking

Sean Fan is a Partner at Goldman Sachs Gao Hua Securities Company and is a sponsor of the Goldman Sachs APAC LGBTQ Network, which is part of the Asia Pacific Inclusion and Diversity Committee (APIDC). Sean uses his position as a leader to demonstrate visible allyship in China, creating a safer place for LGBTQ+ employees to come out in the workplace. Sean is the first onshore China LGBTQ Managing Director Ally, and uses this position to share his allyship story across the company, inspiring others to do the same. He hosts LGBTQ+ focused roundtable discussions, training sessions, and town halls to increase LGBTQ+ representation in the company, encourage greater recruiting efforts, and influence broader support in the community.   

Nikki Darden (she/her), Managing Director – Head of Internal Brand Engagement, DEI Brand Strategy, Purpose Marketing, and Global Integration at Citi 

Nikki is a Managing Director at Citi and serves as the North America Co-Chair for Citi’s Global Pride Employee Resource Group, where she oversees 34 co-chairs, 17 business sponsors, and 3,500+ employee members in North America. Driven by results, Nikki is committed to the continual uplift and support of the LGBTQ+ community both inside and outside of Citi. Nikki uses her influence and position to ensure that Citi continually features LGBTQ+ people in the firm’s marketing collateral and advertising. Under her leadership, Citi became the first major bank to partner with Mastercard and offer the chosen name feature for transgender and nonbinary people. To date, over 31,000 customers have updated their names on their eligible card. Nikki recognizes that it is everyone’s job to be thinking about diversity, equity, and inclusion and connecting it back to their day-to-day business. 


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