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2020 Workplace Summit Plenary Highlights

The 2020 Workplace Summit brought together over 5,000 LGBTQ and ally professionals from all over the world. The Summit Plenary sessions highlighted top corporate champions, LGBTQ leaders, and celebrity activists to share their thoughts on important issues in the LGBTQ community, from mental health, gender in the workplace, racial justice, belonging, and more.

Watch highlights from the 2020 Summit Plenaries below.

Summit Opening Video

Ken Janssens, JP Morgan Chase and Out & Equal Board Chair

COVID-19, ongoing fight for racial justice, climate change, and more. 2020 has been historic and challenging in many ways. And still, over 5,000 LGBTQ and ally professionals showed up to the 2020 Out & Equal Workplace Summit.

Welcome to the 2020 Workplace Summit

Erin Uritus, CEO, Out & Equal

Erin Uritus kicks off the 2020 Workplace Summit with a clear message: “Our work is never canceled. Our work towards inclusion and belonging is never canceled. And our joy found in this vast network of colleagues and friends is never canceled.”

The Work Continues

Tim Cook, CEO, Apple

Tim Cook shares Apple’s commitment to LGBTQ inclusion and how their partnership with Out & Equal continues to help foster cultures of belonging.

Heroes on the Front Lines

Mia McDonald, Healthcare Worker

Mia McDonald shares her powerful experience as a front line healthcare worker during the COVID-19 pandemic. Mia, and all essential workers, are heroes.

The Power of Summit

Victor Lim, Bank of America

What would Victor like the power to do? The power for everyone to be able to bring their full, authentic selves to the workplace. Victor Lim shares his journey and how Summit helped change his life.

The Importance of Intersectionality

Joshua Johnson, Anchor, MSNBC & Wesley Morris, Critic and Pulitzer Prize Winner, NY Times

Joshua Johnson and Wesley Morris tackle intersectionality, racial justice, and LGBTQ progress in this fireside chat.

Out & Equal is Not Going Anywhere

Deena Fidas, Managing Director | Chief Program and Partnerships Officer, Out & Equal

Deena Fidas gives an update on the Out & Equal priorities in the U.S., Brazil, Latin America, India, and China. We’re here and we’re not going anywhere.

Creating Communities of Love

Glennon Doyle, New York Times bestselling author

Glennon Doyle, activist and author, opens up about her journey in coming out and finding a place in the LGBTQ community. She talks about her own struggle to live authentically and how to channel your inner bravery to live the life you deserve.

Be All You Can Be

Major General Tammy Smith, U.S. Army

Major General Tammy Smith, the highest ranking LGBTQ member of the Army, shares her long journey on the road to inclusion. LGBTQ advocates, like Major General Tammy, continue to make the Army a safer and more welcoming place, however, the work is far from over to achieve full equality.

The Moment to be Bold

Stacey Friedman, General Counsel, JP Morgan Chase

Stacey Friedman gives a call to action: “Your moment to be bold is now.” We can’t afford to place equality and inclusion on the back burner – the time to act is now.

Blazing the Path to Equality

Chanel Turner, Founder & CEO, Fou-Dre-Vodka

Chanel Turner is a trailblazer in many ways – the first woman, African American, and youngest person to own their own spirit. Chanel’s inspirational story is one of hope, passion, and perseverance.

Mental Health, Connection, and Love in the LGBTQ Community

Mary Lambert, Singer, Songwriter, Activist & Erin Uritus, CEO, Out & Equal

In this fireside chat, Mary Lambert and Erin Uritus touch on the power of love, connection, and support in the LGBTQ community. Mary shares her story of mental health, how she’s gotten to a place of loving herself and her body, and how she honors the queer community through her art.

It’s Your Job to be Authentic

Wilson Cruz, Actor and Activist & Paul Oakley-Stovall, Actor and Activist

Wilson Cruz and Paul Oakley-Stovall discuss what it means for queer people to live authentically and openly in this fireside chat. They discuss overcoming hardships, coming out, and making a difference.

Finding Your Community

Bowen Yang, Actor and Podcast Host & Chris Lee, Director and Producer

Chris Lee and Bowen Yang chat about being the “firsts” in their industries, the importance of finding community, and Asian American LGBTQ representation in the arts.

Resiliency in Action

Breanna Sinclaire, Opera Singer and Activist

Breanna Sinclaire’s journey is the epitome of resiliency. She shares how she overcame struggles, discrimination, and an internal battle to break barriers and become a renowned opera singer.

Belonging, Equality, and Good Trouble

Megan Rapinoe, U.S National Soccer Player and Activist & Valerie Jarrett, Former Senior Advisor to President Obama

In this fireside chat, Megan Rapinoe and Valerie Jarrett talk about creating safe spaces of belonging and the movement towards LGBTQ, racial, and gender equality. The two trailblazers share how they use their positions and experiences to make the world a better place while causing good trouble along the way.


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