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2020 Summit Premier Sessions

The 2020 Summit will feature Premier Sessions to elevate discussions of some of the central issues to LGBTQ workplace equality.

November and Beyond: LGBTQ+ Movement Leaders’ Perspectives

Less than a month from a generation-defining election day, we hear from leaders across national, state and local LGBTQ organizations on what’s at stake, what our priorities are as a movement and how workplace advocates can leverage their voices to support equality. Each organizational leader will discuss how they are mobilizing for change, preparing for a new Congress and state legislative sessions.

Presenters: Alphonso David, President, Human Rights Campaign; Rea Carey, Executive Director, National LGBTQ Task Force; Nadine Smith, Executive Director, Equality Florida; Masen Davis, Executive Director, Transgender Europe; Annise Parker, President & CEO, LGBTQ Victory Fund & LGBTQ Victory Institute
Moderator: Deena Fidas, Managing Director & Chief Program and Partnerships Officer, Out & Equal

EnGendering Change: A New Framework for Workplace Equity  

This year, we are evolving  our traditional Women’s Leadership Premier session to  a most expansive conversation on how gender operates in the modern workplace.  From legacy women’s leadership programs, to support for trans and non-binary employees, to allyship and accountability across the gender spectrum, this dynamic panel brings into focus the most current opportunities for culture change in the American workplace.

Presenters: Lanaya Irvin, President, Center for Talent Innovation; Bo Young Lee, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, Uber; Jen Henderson, Senior Vice President, Data Deliver Manager for Commercial and Institutional Banking, PNC; Michael Lopez, Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer, HPE; Chris Crespo, Director, Inclusiveness & LGBT Inclusiveness Strategy Leader, EY, Moderator: Deena Fidas, Managing Director & Chief Program and Partnerships Officer, Out & Equal

“Everyone’s Affected But No One Will Say So”: Mental Health, Belonging and the Future of Workplace Inclusion

COVID-19 has cracked open numerous public and private conversations about mental health and well-being. While many workplaces around the world were caught flat-footed as they had to rapidly support the mental health of their employees, there are some leading global businesses and organizations that have prioritized innovation in mental health sustainability in the workplace. In this highly anticipated session, we hear from global thought leaders and practitioners about how mental health can move from one of the most under-discussed elements of workplace belonging to a rallying point for true culture change – especially as we move beyond COVID and address broader issues of mental health as younger LGBTQ professionals enter the workforce.

Presenters: Simon Blake, CEO of Mental Health First Aid England; Ralph DeChabert, Chief Diversity Inclusion and Global Community Relations Officer for Brown-Forman; Amanda Leacy, Global Managing Director for Inclusion & Diversity, Accenture; Jennifer Fisher, Global Chief of Mental Health and Well-being, Deloitte, Moderator: Amit Paley, CEO of the Trevor Project

Black Lives Matter: Sustaining the Movement in the Workplace

“A movement, not a moment” has become a mantra for how we collectively sustain Black Lives Matter. In the wake of uprisings around the world, many businesses attempted to support BLM in their messaging, but crucial questions remain as to how the corporate community can implement the values of the movement in deliberate and sustained ways. In this plenary, we have a frank and rich discussion with Black LGBTQ and Ally  leaders who are helping Corporate America navigate critical culture change opportunities.

Presenters: Ana Flavia Silva Bezerra, Manager, Accenture Brazil; Sandra Evers Manly, Vice President Global Corporate Responsibility, Northrop Grumman; Wil Lewis, Diversity & Inclusion Executive: Global Head of Employee Networks, Disability and LGBT Strategy, Bank of America, Moderator: Allyn Shaw, President & Chief Technology Officer, Recycle Track Systems and Out & Equal Board Member

The Southern Workplace: Where Does the Road to LGBTQ Inclusion Begin?

All roads to LGBTQ inclusion have a beginning. When South Carolina-based Milliken & Company began their journey, they hit the ground running.  As a company founded on family values and a culture of ethics that has received global recognition for 13 consecutive years, Milliken knew that aligning company values with LGBTQ inclusion was critical. CEO Halsey Cook discusses Milliken & Company’s journey to achieving LGBTQ inclusion in the workplace, the unique struggles faced in doing this work in the South, and how they incorporated values of inclusion into the fabric of their organization.

Presenters: Erin Uritus, CEO, Out & Equal Workplace Advocates; Halsey Cook, CEO, Milliken & Company

Let’s Go There: A Conversation with Marriott CEO Arne Sorenson and Out & Equal CEO Erin Uritus 

Marriott CEO Arne Sorenson has been a leader through good time and bad. This conversation will touch on commitment to D&I as something that is both the right thing to do and a key element in his business strategy, his views on corporate and CEO activism, and his perspective on allyship for the LGBTQ and Black communities.

Forging a Path for Belonging in the Shifting Indian Workplace 

India has been experiencing historic changes in workforce inclusion – from trans identities, disability, feminism and mental health, seemingly no previously ignored topic is off limits as the new Indian workplace emerges. You are invited to a real-time view of how these evolving topics in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) are gaining traction, market relevance, and meeting the needs of the community. 

Presenters: Zainab Patel, Director, Diversity and Inclusion, KPMG India;
Veda Persad, Senior Vice President, Global Services APAC, Northern Trust;
Prachi Rastogi, D&I Leader, IBM; Ramki Venkatachalam, Senior Vice President & Global Delivery Leader, Bank of America, Moderator: Srini Ramaswamy, Co-Founder, Pride Circle

Latin American Workplace Landscapes: A Conversation with Change-Maker Executives

The pace of change for LGBTQ+ workforce inclusion has recently picked up speed and momentum across Latin America. From sweeping legal changes establishing marriage equality in more and more jurisdictions, to protections for the transgender community, to Pride Connection chapters across the region, the soil is fertile for even greater visibility and action from the private sector. In this plenary panel, we will hear from a select group of leaders from key LatAm markets on the evolution of LGBTQ+ workplace inclusion, the increasing prominence of allies, and the road ahead.

Presenters: Javier Constante, President, Dow Latin America;
Karla Arnaiz, Executive Director, JPMC MX; Ari Vera Morales, Co-Chair, ILGA LAC; Delfina Daglio, Diversity & Inclusion Partner, IBM Argentina, Moderator: Deena Fidas, Managing Director, Chief Program and Partnerships Officer, Out & Equal

Perspectives from China: Inclusion and Belonging in the Workplace

LGBTQ+ workforce inclusion is evolving in key Chinese markets, having gone from novelty to an increasingly recognized norm across sectors. Both local leaders and multinational corporate entities have hit their stride in terms of building out a unique business case for inclusion that resonates in the Chinese business climate. In this plenary panel, we focus on successful strategies for LGBTQ+ market inclusion, employee experiences, and how cultures of belonging are created by thinking global and impacting local.

Presenters: Alexis Lin, Learning and Development Manager, Nielsen; Jenny Ni, HR Leader
Moderator: Jimmy Chen, Patent Agent/EAGLE (Employees Alliance for LGBT Empowerment and GCG Lead, IBM


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